Heating and Cooling System Installer: Three Ways to Spot a Trustworthy One

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Finding the best installer for your new heating or cooling system isn’t always about looking for the best prices. Naturally, you will need to make sure that you are receiving quality workmanship, and you also should feel reassured by the quality and brands of the products they offer, as well as with their quoted prices.

Sounds simple right? However, the process of finding a trustworthy installer doesn’t always run as smoothly as you may imagine. You will need to consider approaching several companies and specialists to ensure you have access to the best information and support.

So, before you choose any one provider, here are three ways you can rest easy, knowing that you are making the best decision.


They Offer a Variety of Options

One of the biggest pitfalls in the buying process revolves around the services a provider has available. Sometimes, providers and installers will show you all manner of fancy goods and systems, without any real consideration for the most important factor – what do you want or need.

Therefore, the key to spotting a trustworthy provider lies in the way that they get to understand your needs, preferences and budget before dictating any one solution.A company offering big, impressive systems and little in the way of smaller, specialist support may not be the best installer to run with. You should look for an installer who is willing to adapt to complex projects. One who is willing to work to bespoke quotes and project that suit your needs, timeframes and budget, rather just offering you the most profitable solution.

A considerate installer will offer you a choice, and cater to your needs; they shouldn’t push for the hard sell.

They Demonstrate Their Work

Plenty of AC providers hide behind online reviews. While that can be a good way to gauge the quality of service, it all depends on whether or not there is a balance in review scores. Unfortunately, in today’s online world you can’t always keep everyone happy. A good company will not hide from bad reviews. We all have jobs that didn’t go to plan or maybe customers who we just weren’t the right fit for their type of business. The truth lies in how they deal with these issues. Ask them about a specific review, to get the full picture, but also to gauge their solution to the problem. Beyond this, you should be able to see the work an AC provider or installer offers, or at least ask for references. They should be willing to show you some recent projects, as well as to explain the options available when designing and installing.

A trustworthy installer will be willing to adapt their solution to suit your specific project.

Be sure to ask them for case studies or examples of jobs that have been completed that are similar to yours, any good company should be able to provide this for you.

They Are Willing to Work With You

It is easy to fall into a trap where you meet an installer who wants you to “Trust them” or “Leave it to me”, but an investment in a heating or cooling system in your home, is a considerable expense that you need to be in control of.

Therefore, a trustworthy installer will look carefully at options with you and discuss them with you. They will explain to you why your quote comes to the amount it does. They will also be willing to make changes and to recommend services without pushing for a sale.

Some installers will simply demand you agree to a quote and to offer you no channels for direct care, which is a big red flag you should avoid. All good installers will be flexible and work with you to get the best results, and the right outcome for your needs.

HeatCool offers installation and support you can rely on. For maintenance and general advice, we are always here to assist you from the start of the buying process through to the final points of installation and beyond. Contact us now to learn more.

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