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How safe is your indoor environment?

The harsh, cold winter months often feel like they will go on forever, especially if your gas heater stops working! These days we rely heavily on appliances and heating systems to keep us toasty. But as with any appliance or machine, it requires service and maintenance. You wouldn’t drive your car for 100,000km without having it serviced, would you?

While a defective heater can be frustrating, it can also have a more severe effect.


‘Sick house syndrome’ affects us particularly in the colder months and happens when your system is poorly maintained. Some general health issues can arise with poor air filters and ineffective running of your appliance. However there are also potentially more serious outcomes with leaking Carbon Monoxide (CO).

Exposure to CO, known as the ‘silent killer’, can be a genuine danger to you and your family, potentially fatal. It is essential to have your appliances serviced by a licensed technician, who will not only check that your appliance is operating at peak efficiency but importantly also check for CO leaks.

Our expert licensed technician can administer repairs and services for all types of gas heaters so you can be confident we’re the best team for you. We are specialist in home heating services.

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