Gas Ducted Heating

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Gas Ducted heating, otherwise known as central heating, is an efficient way of heating your entire home. Besides being unobtrusive it also can offer additional functionality like controlling which rooms are heated (zoning). Zoning lets you divide your home into numerous sections, so you can specify which areas are heated when and to what temperature while also lowering the ongoing running costs as you are not heating your entire home. Ducted heating can be run by a gas-driven heater or a reverse cycle air conditioning system, both with different benefits.

While Gas ducted heating is mostly installed while a new home is being built, installing it after a house has been finished is also possible, and is becoming more and more popular.

What does a ducted gas heating system generally consist of?

One of the most important things to consider when installing ducted heating (or cooling for that matter), is the system design. That means looking at your home as whole and assessing the best size(s) for the ductwork, the best size of the unit, the correct zoning and much more.

At HeatCool, we focus on competing on the quality of our work, not on getting the cheapest quote to you. Because in the long run, the cheapest install might well be your most expensive mistake.

HeatCool are experts in the installation of ducted heating. We also offer reliable repairs, service and maintenance to your ducted heating and service Melbourne and surrounds.

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