Beat the change in seasons this autumn in your home & office.

HeatCool are Melbourne’s specialists in the design and installation, as well as the repairs and maintenance of your home or office cooling, air-conditioning, heating and hot-water systems.

Have you been thinking,
how healthy is your home?

As the seasons in Melbourne change and the unpredictable nature of Melbourne weather keeps us guessing, now is the time to ensure your heating and cooling systems are keeping you and your family both healthy and happy within your indoor environment. 

Your home is your environment and where you will spend the majority of your life. As such, it is essential that you maintain a premium level of indoor air quality for you and your family. Poorly installed or maintained heating appliances are a primary cause in the increased ‘sick-home’ syndrome that affects us particularly in the colder months.

Fortunately, HeatCool are experts in the servicing and maintenance of heating and cooling systems to keep them clean, and at their peaking operating efficiency. Contact us now and to book in your service now. Price: from $220 inc. GST


Heating Services

Find out more about how we can keep your home toasty warm this winter.

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Melbourne’s top heating, hot-water, cooling and air-conditioning specialists

Keep your home or office comfortable and in safe hands this season with the leaders in heating and cooling installation, servicing and maintenance.

We are able to install and service leading brands of ducted heating, hot water and refrigerated air conditioning systems including; Panasonic, Daikin, Mitsubishi, Brivis, Braemar, Bonaire, Dux, Rinnai and Bosch and more.

Healthy Home Check Overview

To ensure your cooling continues to operate efficiently this winter, we recommend booking a Winter Healthy Home Check with HeatCool today.

Regular home and safety checks not only ensure the peak operational efficiency of your appliances but also gives you peace of mind knowing that your home and family is safe.

Ensures the operational excellence and overall safety of your appliances

Confirms ZERO Carbon Monoxide spillage in line with Energy Save Victoria (ESV) regulations

Improves the overall efficiency of your appliance

Immediate, reliable and affordable service

Consultation, advice and recommendations to avoid possible future trouble spots

Refresher on ‘best practice’ operation of your appliance


Years of Experience

Founded in 1972, our 100% Australian owned and operated business has grown to be one of the largest providers of cooling, heating and hot water installation services and repairs to Melbourne’s homes.

We believe that our growth and success over the last 40 plus years is not only due to our competitive pricing structures and our hand-picked technicians’ outstanding workmanship, it is a direct result of the definition of our core values.

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HeatCool is committed to creating healthy indoor homes and work environments.


“We have used HeatCool to maintain and repair our Air-conditioners (Uni-Aire, Fuj, Daikin) for many years (An ongoing requirement when you build with Simmons Homes). They are always very professional, reliable and knowledgeable. Plus, they show up on time, well, within their 4 hour service window. I recently had 2x Solar Roof Ventilators installed on a 2 story property, the reduction in ambient heat is immediately noticeable and I would recommend them and HeatCool highly to complement any Air-Conditioning system.”


Womo Review

“Very prompt service, extremely polite and knowledgeable tradesman. Second time we have used HeatCool for our gas log fire and will continue to do so. Very helpful staff at initial contact point. Highly recommended”


Womo Review