HeatCool are specialists in the installation, service and repair of home and office hot water systems.

Our caring, specialist team installs, services and repairs home and office hot water systems.

Whether you are building a new home or have an old system that requires replacing, HeatCool can install and offer energy-efficient solutions for a new Hot Water System. Using only licenced plumbers to complete the job, you can rest easy (and look forward to years of hot showers), knowing the job has been completed correctly, and most importantly, safely.

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Our detail-focussed, deeply experienced team carry out brand new hot water system installations professionally and swiftly across the greater Melbourne area, including, Surrey Hills, Mornington, The Bay Area, Patterson Lakes and Armadale.

In the mad rush to replace a faulty hot water heater, it’s not uncommon to have ‘blinkers’ on. Replacing a hot water unit with the same type might be a mistake, so take your time and learn what alternatives are available.

You may be pleased to learn, there are alternative hot water solutions that can increase efficiency, save you operational costs and reduce carbon footprint.

Consider these questions when researching options:

What energy types are available?

Would your location benefit from solar hot water? What about a combination of solar hot water and gas heating?

Is gas an option on your property? We see a lot of locations benefiting from switching from electric to gas.

Have you considered a heat exchanger? These units work great in cooler climates (like Victorian winters).

There are a lot of new technologies around. Do some digging.

Get your hot water up and running again today.

Make sure your family is enjoying our hot water system services now and throughout the coming years. Call us on (03) 9797 0505 and enjoy the comfort of a properly working hot water system.

What size is needed?

How many people will be using the hot water at the location? Simple equations can be calculated that can help you ascertain which system would best suit your property.

For example, a small office with a couple of people might be fine with a 100 litre electric storage tank. While a two-level home with two adults, two teenagers and youth would need something that can keep up with demand and not break the bank in doing so.

What distance does the hot water have to travel?

The farther hot water has to travel, the more heat it loses. Having correctly sized piping and having a well-designed system will ensure that your hot water supply is optimal to your furthest fixtures.

For example, did you know that by simply installing a small circulating pump with a return line on your hot water service, you can pretty much achieve hot water on demand at all of your outlets? Essentially, this means you don’t have to run your taps for 5 minutes for the hot water to come through.

Available space?

Different types of heating units have different space requirements. For example, continuous flow gas hot water systems take up very little space and can live both inside and outside (depending on the unit).

Heat pumps on the other hand need more space, consistent air flow and require storage tanks. Solar units need adequate roof space and orientation for solar panels and also need storage.

Installation requirements and standards also need to be considered. For example, gas hot water systems have proximity restrictions to windows, and solar systems need to be installed on roofs that have engineering approval.

Budget and finance?

Different hot water system installations present different advantages and disadvantages when it comes to budgeting and costs.

For example, a solar hot water system may cost more to install, however over a 5-year period the running costs might make it the cheaper option.

Likewise, if you are planning on growing your family, your existing system might not be able to keep up with demand, so you should allow for that.

As you can see, there are many things to consider when it comes to making the right decision with your hot water installation or upgrade. At HeatCool, we specialise in hot water systems, and we can help ensure that you’re installing the right system on your property.

Contact HeatCool today on (03) 9797 0505. We will help choose the right solution for your comfort and budget needs whilst considering the environment. Email to [email protected]

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