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HeatCool are specialists in the service, repair, design and installation of home and office cooling systems.

Year-Round Heating and Cooling Solutions For Homes and Commercial Properties

We specialise in the supply, installation, repair and servicing of all popular brands of reverse cycle air conditioning systems in Melbourne.

Whether you live in a multi-storey home or a small apartment, or own a large business firm or a small retail shop, our heating and cooling technicians can tailor a solution to suit your specific needs and budget.

If you want to enjoy year-round comfort with a single air conditioner installation, there’s nothing that can beat the convenience of a reverse cycle air conditioning system. These air conditioners work both ways and are a cost-effective method to heat or cool your home or workplace.

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Reverse Cycle Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning is ideal for cooling and heating your entire home or commercial property, with a network of ducts connected to a single outdoor unit. The zone control system feature also allows you to regulate the temperature of different individual zones, so you can turn off the heating or cooling for vacant rooms and save on your energy costs. 

Our trained and certified air conditioning experts can install reverse cycle ducted air conditioning at all types of new or old builds in Melbourne’s Bayside and Mornington Peninsula.

Reverse Cycle Split Air Conditioners

If you want an efficient heating and cooling solution for your single or smaller-sized rooms, be it your bedroom or a home office, a reverse cycle split air conditioner is just the right choice for you.

Unlike ducted reverse cycle air conditioners, these systems are cheaper to install because no ductwork is involved in their installation. Whether you call us for a single unit installation or multiple units in different rooms across your home or commercial building, we work with the same level of dedication, no matter the size of the project.

If you are still unsure which reverse cycle air conditioner is best suited for your property, talk to our experts today.

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner Repairs

Apart from professional installation, we can repair or replace the faulty components of your reverse cycle air conditioners, so they keep providing you with the same level of comfort for many years to come.

With our certified air conditioning experts by your side, you no longer have to settle for a malfunctioning reverse cycle air conditioner.

Call our reverse cycle air conditioning repair specialists if:

We will come and fix the issue, and get your system up and running again in no time.

Seasonal Maintenance And Servicing

Harsh weather and prolonged usage can significantly affect the efficiency of your air conditioning systems with increased chances of an untimely breakdown.

Our experienced air conditioning electricians can service your reverse cycle air conditioners, twice every year, and prevent them from failing at the most inconvenient times.

An important part of our bi-annual maintenance service involves checking the system for potential faults and fixing them for improved performance and energy efficiency.

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