5 Simple Ways To Save Money On Your Cooling And Heating Systems In Melbourne

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Summer and winter are the seasons which can make your electricity consumption soar. But a few thoughtful changes to your habits and household can help reduce your energy consumption and utility bills.

Here we have listed 5 easy ways with you which can bring big savings on your heating and cooling systems in Melbourne:

1. Don’t crank up and down the thermostat too much

One of the easiest ways to reduce your energy usage is to set the thermostat right. It’s tempting to keep the AC high during a hot day. But every degree you increase makes your energy consumption jump by 5-10%. Just by setting the temperature between 18-20 °C in winters, and 25-27 °C in summers, you can stay comfortable, without making your system use too much energy.

2. Reduce heat transfer with shades and curtains

The sunlight coming in through the windows is what mainly raises internal temperatures. Simply keep the curtains and blinds closed during the hottest part of the day. You can even install shades on the windows which face the sun and lower them to block the heat. By keeping the heat out this way, you will easily reduce pressure on your cooling system.

3. Use ceiling fans to improve air circulation

Ceiling fans are a great way to increase the effectiveness of your Melbourne heating and cooling systems. When you use a fan, it circulates and distributes the hot or cool air around the room. As a result, your heater or cooler doesn’t have to work too hard, and you can enjoy substantial cuts in energy costs.

4. Tightly seal gaps and openings

It is through the gaps around the house that you lose heat in winter and gain it in summers. This disturbs the heating and cooling of your space. Your AC or heater has to use more energy to do their work, and consequently, you have to bear higher utility bills. But if you seal all openings with draught stoppers or sealants, you can cut back on your energy consumption by up to 25%.

5. Get routine service to maintain efficiency

When the filters of your heater and coolers are dirty and clogged, the airflow is greatly affected. The heating or cooling system ends up putting in extra effort to maintain the temperature around the house. Not only does the system consume more power, but it also doesn’t perform to its full capacity.

So what can you do to ensure optimum efficiency of your AC or heater?
Try keeping your filters clean and get regular servicing done by our Melbourne heating and cooling technicians.

Energy costs keep increasing day by day. If you want to make energy savings possible, you have to be smart about your use of heating and cooling.

Following the above steps, can help you maintain comfortable temperatures, without having to worry about hefty bills.

To further improve your system’s efficiency, you can contact ARC licensed technicians in Melbourne and the Northern suburbs.

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