Air Quality

We are always ready to share the latest news about local air quality. From pollution stories to tips on how to improve the quality of your air, we will publish relevant news and guides here.

As well as staying warm and cool, it’s important to breathe safely, too!

Indoor Air Quality Can Cause Health Problems

Are you worried about the quality of the air you breathe? Whilst we all too aware of the effects of pollution in our cities, don't assume that you indoor environment is any safer. According to the EPA, the air within homes and other buildings can often be more...

Batman and Carbon Monoxide

Batman and Carbon Monoxide

What’s this Batman? No weather comment? Has Gotham City fallen into a temperature-less void? Will we see the Caped Crusader emerge from the shadows and pass comment again? Stay tuned to see the epic conclusion of “Where has the extreme mercury gone?” Same Bat channel...