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Batman & Carbon Monoxide Heat Cool group

What’s this Batman? No weather comment? Has Gotham City fallen into a temperature-less void? Will we see the Caped Crusader emerge from the shadows and pass comment again? Stay tuned to see the epic conclusion of “Where has the extreme mercury gone?” Same Bat channel – Same Bat time. Nananananananananananananananana… Batman.

Yeah-nah so that was pretty weak but I hope the cheesiness put a smirk on your dial or at least threw you back to your childhood for a brief second 🙂

Yay, a stable April. The Galaxy is definitely not at risk and normality appears to be restored.

As we start heating season, a poignant and timely reminder to have all your gas appliances Carbon Monoxide (CO) tested. The risks of using a poorly maintained unit are catastrophic. Here at HeatCool, all our technicians carry the latest CO analysers and carry out testing as a general part of all our service work, we do not charge additional like most other companies.

Pre-winter service specials have kicked off so no excuse to leave it any longer – Don’t wait until next season and try and get by without a check. We at the cold face have seen the consequences and are incredibly passionate about ensuring the safety of all consumers.

Crusade against Carbon Monoxide spillage – These guys would!

 Caped Crusader and The Boy Wonder

You should too – It’s your environment.


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