Does My Air Conditioning Unit Need a Cover in the Winter?

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Summer Safety For Cooling Systems

Air conditioning is a vital part of our daily lives, and surviving the summer without an optimally working AC seems near to impossible. Air conditioners are designed to resist tough weather conditions such as scorching heat, intense snowfall and downpours. After all, with a quality unit there should be a valid reason behind their price tag.

On the other hand, external factors can take a serious toll on your air conditioning units and reduce their efficiency to a great extent. To counter this problem, air conditioner covers have been introduced to the market. However, there’s still an argument as to what extent these covers are beneficial.

While you must have heard that an air conditioner cover helps protect it, did you know a wrong one can cause more damage than good? Yes, covering the AC seems to make sense until you uncover, only to discover a much bigger issue in hand.

In this blog, we’ll talk about ways to cover your air conditioners and how to decide which kind of air conditioner cover you should purchase. Let’s get started…

Do AC’s Actually Need A Cover?

Your AC condenser unit is protected inside a corrosion-resistant covering which makes it last for years on end. However, if you leave it exposed during the winter season, dried leaves, snow, and debris can gradually accumulate inside it. Melting snow can cause moisture buildup inside your outdoor unit while the accumulated dirt can interfere with your AC’s functionality by clogging the air filters or blocking the drainage. The dirt will also affect your indoor air quality once you switch on your AC in summer.

All these factors make it necessary to have a protective covering around your outdoor units during the off season, so they aren’t left exposed to the snow and debris. As much as it is important to cover it, covering it with the right outdoor air conditioner cover is equally important.

Remember, covering it with a PLASTIC cover will only leave you regretting it once you uncover your outdoor unit.

You’ll certainly find plenty of air conditioner covers made of plastic. While they do protect your ACs from snowfall, dried leaves, and dirt, they also trap moisture. As a result, your outdoor unit not only catches rust and mould but also provides a safe and warm space for pests and critters to reside within your outdoor unit.

The Ideal Way Of Covering The AC

The best air conditioner cover is one that is made out of breathable material, so it protects your AC unit in the actual sense. You can use a top-only mesh cover to shield the top of your outdoor unit during summers. Mesh covers allow proper airflow and are therefore suitable even while the air conditioner is working. This way, you’ll be protecting all of its components from debris coming from the roof gutters, tree leaves, and rainfall. These covers also keep your outdoor units cool during the hot summer afternoons, making it easier for your AC to make your home cooler.

While top-only covers are suitable for summer, they aren’t of much use during winter. To protect your air conditioners while they are on a break, you can go for a full AC cover. Alternatively, if you have a reverse cycle air conditioning unit that provides you with both heating and cooling, you can construct a shelter over the outdoor unit so that it gets year-round protection against the elements.

The Purpose Of Indoor Air Conditioner Covers

There’s definitely no point in covering your indoor units while they’re working round the clock during summer. Whereas in winter, cold air can sneak inside our home and heat can easily escape through your indoor unit. Thus, your heating unit will have to work harder in order to keep you warm. As a result, your heating bills will rise significantly.
An indoor air conditioner cover keeps your energy bills lower and your home warm during winter season. It will also protect your indoor unit from catching dust as it rests idle until the next summer.

Moreover, many people conceal their air conditioning units with decorative indoor and outdoor AC covers. These covers are not only visually appealing, but also protect your units from dust and damage when not in use.

With summer about to knock on your doors, it’s time to uncover your AC units and have them serviced in advance. If you are looking for reliable air conditioning technicians in Melbourne, feel free to call us. We service both residential and commercial clients for all their heating and cooling needs, emergency repairs and installations.


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