Why Do People Prefer Gas Heating Services in Melbourne?

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When it’s warm outside, it’s difficult to remember how chilly your house may get throughout the winter. One common problem with winters in the Mornington Peninsula, Bayside and the Inner Eastern Suburbs is that residences typically only have one source of heat. This article is helpful if you are looking for gas heating services in […]

Does My Air Conditioning Unit Need a Cover in the Winter?

Summer Safety For Cooling Systems

Air conditioning is a vital part of our daily lives, and surviving the summer without an optimally working AC seems near to impossible. Air conditioners are designed to resist tough weather conditions such as scorching heat, intense snowfall and downpours. After all, with a quality unit there should be a valid reason behind their price […]

Know What to Expect of Gas Heaters and Gas Heater Services in Melbourne

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Aussies with gas heaters in Melbourne are getting ready for winter – just like the rest of the country. One of the steps they need to follow (to prepare for the winter) is to call a gas heater specialist to get their gas heating appliances checked and serviced. Gas heater services in Melbourne and other […]

The Importance of Regular Service and Maintenance For Your Braemar Ducted Heating System

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Braemar is a trusted name in providing ducted heating and cooling solutions for Melbourne homes and businesses. Known for their higher energy efficiency and healthy indoor air quality, Braemar’s ducted heaters are the first choice of many domestic and commercial property owners who want to save on their monthly energy costs, without compromising on their […]

How and Why You Should Have An Indoor Air Quality Control System

Summer Safety For Cooling Systems

Interestingly, the most important things in life are the ones that most often get overlooked – indoor air quality testing is surely one of them! Indoor air quality monitoring is all about achieving a healthy indoor environment. This means that there is ample ventilation, contaminants are controlled and the temperature and humidity levels are comfortable. […]

4 Telltale Signs That You Need Evaporative Cooling Services In Melbourne

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Evaporative air conditioners are a popular alternative to traditional air conditioning systems. They are highly energy-efficient and therefore cheaper to run than other heating and cooling units available on the market. However, like every other electronic appliance, your evaporative cooling system also needs regular maintenance to keep it working efficiently during the warm summer months […]

Can A Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner Increase the Value of Your Melbourne Property?

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Melbourne winters are extremely short-lived, so naturally, homeowners look for an efficient home heating and cooling solution. What can be better than having an air conditioner that provides you comfort throughout the year? Yes, a reverse cycle air conditioner functions both ways – it heats your home during winter and cools it down during summer. […]

5 Simple Ways To Save Money On Your Cooling And Heating Systems In Melbourne

Gas Heating Adjusting Thermostat for Low Bill in Winter

Summer and winter are the seasons which can make your electricity consumption soar. But a few thoughtful changes to your habits and household can help reduce your energy consumption and utility bills. Here we have listed 5 easy ways with you which can bring big savings on your heating and cooling systems in Melbourne: 1. […]

Replacing your old heating system (Home Heating and Cooling Upgrades program)

In addition to a $1,000 rebate towards an energy-efficient reverse-cycle air conditioner, eligible homeowners can access additional rebates to decommission their old systems. Why upgrade to a reverse-cycle air conditioner? Increase your thermal comfort Lower energy costs Improve your health and wellbeing Reduce greenhouse emissions   About the program The Home Heating and Cooling Upgrades […]

Why Are Bonaire Gas Heating Units So Wildly Popular In Australia?

Although based in Australia, Bonaire gas heating systems are internationally-recognised as one of the best, most efficient heaters for homeowners. How do we know this? These heating systems are one of very few that have been awarded a 5-star rating for their quality and convenience. Aside from stellar customer service, their focus has been ensuring […]