The Importance of Regular Service and Maintenance For Your Braemar Ducted Heating System

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Braemar is a trusted name in providing ducted heating and cooling solutions for Melbourne homes and businesses. Known for their higher energy efficiency and healthy indoor air quality, Braemar’s ducted heaters are the first choice of many domestic and commercial property owners who want to save on their monthly energy costs, without compromising on their comfort.

However, like every other heating system, your Braemar ducted heating also needs regular servicing and maintenance to ensure it continues keeping you warm during the chilly winter nights. If you have a Braemar ducted gas heating system installed at your property, it is extremely important to get it serviced at least once every two years. An annual service and maintenance check right before the winter season is always better for the safety and efficiency of your ducted heating unit.

Here are just some of the reasons that why it is important to schedule a Braemar gas heater service with a professional heating and cooling technician:

On-Time Repairs

With time and usage, your Braemar heating system may experience significant wear and tear. These issues may remain unidentified until a major issue takes place, leading to costly repairs or even replacement that could have been avoided. Therefore, the most important benefit of regular servicing is that your heating technicians can identify and repair any minor faults in your Braemar ducted heater that could potentially grow bigger if left unattended.

Effective Heating

A newly serviced Braemar ducted heater provides more efficient heating, making you feel like you’ve just installed a new heating system at your property.

A typical Braemar gas ducted heating service involves thoroughly cleaning the filters, vents, coils, fans and other components of your heating unit (or replacing them where necessary) for a cleaner and more effective function. A professional heating technician will also service the motor to ensure all of its components are working smoothly.

Energy Efficiency

When your ducted heating system is not serviced once every two years, its filters are likely to become blocked and any ongoing faults to remain undiagnosed. This often results in reduced energy efficiency of your Braemar gas ducted heater. As it needs to work harder to provide you with the same level of heating, it starts to consume more energy and puts a strain on your budget by increasing its running costs.

However, by regularly servicing your Braemar heating system you get to enjoy the warm and cosy embrace of your home without increasing your energy bills.

Gas Safety Checks

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a major safety concern when using gas appliances at your property, including gas ducted heaters. Leaking carbon monoxide gas can lead to major health risks and at times, even fatal accidents. Since this gas is invisible and odourless, it is usually hard to detect any leak unless tested professionally.

Only a licensed gas ducted heating professional can carry out a carbon monoxide safety test to detect and repair any possible gas leaks in your Braemar heating unit. If you have been facing constant headaches, nausea, dizziness, or vomiting as soon as you turn on your ducted heating, quickly call a certified ducted heating technician, especially if your unit has not been serviced for a long time.

Cleaner Air Quality

If any of your family members are suffering from respiratory conditions or asthma, poor maintenance of your Braemar heating unit will only worsen their symptoms.

Being mindful of your Braemar ducted heating system’s servicing will significantly improve the indoor air quality of your home or business. Apart from enhancing the heating efficiency, cleaning the air filters also ensures cleaner air to breathe in since dust and other impurities are unable to enter your property through your heating unit.

Enhanced Durability

Normally, a Braemar ducted heating unit can last up to 15 years and even more if it is well-maintained and regularly serviced. This is because your service technicians are able to pinpoint any issues and fix them right away so that you are less likely to face an unexpected breakdown while the winter season is in full swing.

If it’s been more than two years since you last had your ducted heating serviced, get in touch with HeatCool. We are proud distributors of Braemar heating and cooling systems in Melbourne, offering a full range of services for your Braemar heating units including Braemar ducted heating installation, repairs, service and maintenance.


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