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Braemar Heating Systems

For 75 years, Braemar systems have provided Melbourne households with the highest quality gas heating systems. The expert team of dedicated tradesmen at HeatCool are qualified to deliver Melbourne’s finest Braemar heater system repairs and installations. If you’re in need of ducted heating repairs, unit servicing, or gas heating maintenance, you can rely on HeatCool to have you covered.

Experienced and equipped to work with any Braemar make and model unit, contact HeatCool today to organise a consultation with one of our expert team. Available across Melbourne, we’re the most trusted and proven Braemar heating repair service

Braemar Cooling Systems

Braemar Cooling is the system to use when it comes to creating a comfortable space. As an investment in your home, your cooling system should be an element of functional ingenuity that does not overwhelm the space with noise or movement. For the highest quality reliable units, we look to Braemar heating and cooling, a brand that truly inspires the industry. Their dynamic designs and forward thinking approaches offer a superior system while also ensuring that the aesthetic and functional elements of your home remain ideal. As a trusted Australian brand name, we are proud to offer you the very best in home cooling when you look at this brand range.

Technology That Transcends

It is getting hotter by the day, and with these tech savvy units you can incorporate some of the most cutting edge technology available to ensure the very best in climate control performance within the building. Focusing on energy efficiency and ecological responsibility is an absolute must, and as such these cleaner options have secured the trust of many consumers. The simple, yet clean design drives the look of the system, while an intelligent installation system keeps it protected from the elements. It is safeguarded against rust, UV rays, and other climatic extremes, durable enough to stand up to time and weathering.

A Seal Of Outstanding Performance

For over fifty years, Braemar systems have served Australian homes. Available in an array of colours to suit any home design, the system incorporates into the roofline for the utmost in unobtrusive functionality. Braemar units also add considerable value to your home, especially since the brand is recognised as synonymous with premium quality. At HeatCool we believe in units that will continue to serve you for many years to come.

Functionality And Features

You have a wide selection of units and designs when you opt for our branded systems. Not only is there a range of control modes including auto, manual, timer, or fan, but there are unique features to our system that make it the utmost in cooling. Features include the tornado pump, stealth fan, free-flow water distributor, tropic proof motor, and auto-winterseal, to name a few. Talk to us to find out even more! Contact HeatCool for more information or to order your Braemar unit today filling out our enquiry form here.

DSV Air has recently merged with HeatCool. We are still able to help you with all of your requirements, so please contact us on 03 9797 0505.