Know What to Expect of Gas Heaters and Gas Heater Services in Melbourne

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Aussies with gas heaters in Melbourne are getting ready for winter – just like the rest of the country. One of the steps they need to follow (to prepare for the winter) is to call a gas heater specialist to get their gas heating appliances checked and serviced. Gas heater services in Melbourne and other Aussie cities include important things like carbon monoxide testing, which ensures that the people in your home or office are not inhaling poisonous fumes.

Types of Gas Heating Available

We’d like to give you some advice on gas heaters: flued gas heaters are safer than unflued gas heaters as they emit the least amount of nitrogen and carbon monoxide for you to breathe in.
You can choose from any of the following gas heating appliances (and have the peace of mind that there’ll be gas heater repair service available for them, as well as maintenance, etc.):

  • Central heating
  • Hydronic heating
  • Gas under-floor heating
  • Space heaters
  • Wall furnaces
  • Ducted heating

Central heating is also known as ducted heating – but they operate somewhat differently. Central heating in Melbourne can have zoning capability, so that only certain rooms in your home are heated at a time. While that can be a nice feature to have, using space or room heaters can also be a less expensive option. Other central heating options include hydronic or in-slab heating.

What is Included in Gas Heater Services?

Gas heater services include negative pressure testing, gas supply pressure testing, and checking all the internal parts of the heater such as the heat exchanger, gas pressure, burner, fan clean and flue, as well as the gas line. On top of preventing carbon monoxide poisoning, these services also ensure your heater is performing at optimal condition, keeping your power bill as low as possible.

If your heating appliance requires gas heater repairs in Melbourne, the same gas technicians servicing your heating appliance are also licensed to conduct any repairs that are needed.

What Gas Heating Appliances Can I Have Serviced?

Gas heater repairs technicians are willing to work on any heating appliance that is not banned in Australia. LPG gas cabinet heaters have been banned in Australia since the 1980s, and unflued gas heaters are banned in Victoria (since their level of combustion gases exceeds safety levels). Remember, it’s important to have your gas heaters serviced every two years.

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