Benefits Of Routine Heating And Cooling Services For Your Home And Business

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Whether it’s a toasty warm house in winters or a perfect cool temperature at your workplace, an efficient heating and cooling system is a modern blessing we can’t live without. It helps keep employees productive and homes, schools and hospitals comfortable.

But to keep your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems working perfectly in the cold winters and hot summer months, routine service and maintenance is a must. You don’t want your heating failing on a freezingly cold night in Melbourne. Or a faulty cooling system during a hot spell in the summer.

It is important to understand that maintaining your house heating and cooling system is more than a one-time installation and a standard service in between. Even if your split or ducted system is only a year or two old, it still needs checkups and cleaning. It ensures that your heating and cooling system is in optimum condition and minimises the risk of future faults and higher repair bills.

What Is Included In Regular Heating And Cooling Services?

A maintenance plan for your system depends on the age and condition of your system. Your usage, size and brand must also be taken into consideration. It can include:

  • Checking the heater for leakages that could release carbon monoxide
  • Replacing and cleaning dirty filters
  • If you have a gas heating system, the gas pressure and leakages must also be checked
  • The electrical connection and wiring must be in good shape for safety and load-bearing
  • Thermostat and temperature settings must be correctly set for optimum heating and cooling
  • Replacement and repair of damaged parts, along with cleaning of the system and the drain lines
  • Cleaning of the ducts, vents, blowers, and motor fans
  • Oiling of moving parts to ensure the efficient running
  • Cleaning of debris and dirt around outdoor units

Employing the service of a professional heating and cooling service contractor will ensure that you have a perfectly functioning heating and cooling system during the changing seasons.

Benefits Of Employing A Specialist For Your Heating And Cooling Service

Preventive maintenance for your heating or cooling system is an essential task that provides many long term benefits. They include:

1. Saving on energy bills

A neglected heating and cooling system will result in a higher energy cost. Poor maintenance like clogged filters or neglected heating or cooling elements can cause an increased load on your system. Not only will your system not perform up to capacity, but it will also increase your power consumption which is already at its peak in winters.

2. Optimising indoor air quality

Regular cleaning of ducts and vents keeps away mould, bacteria and dust. That maintains the air quality in your house or workspace, keeping away allergies and flu. It also eliminates bacteria and pollutants that find their way indoors through heating ducts and air-con filters. Contaminated air can be especially harmful to people who have asthma, respiratory problems and weak immune systems.

3. Preventing hefty repair bills

Routine inspection of your system can weed out potential problems with timely repairs. It saves you expensive repair bills in the future and extends the lifespan of your system.

4. Protecting your home or business

Your heating and cooling system can have hidden faults because of a lack of maintenance. It can result in dangerous incidents like short circuits, electrical fires, and the blowing up of expensive equipment and appliances.
Don’t ignore your home maintenance needs and upkeep. Whether it is annual or bi-annual, or more frequent depending on your usage, get your heater or appliance serviced regularly.

HeatCool offers a wide range of heating and cooling services across Melbourne, Australia. They include repair and maintenance, with design and installation. Contact us for an appointment or book an appointment online today.


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