Protect your people: How to ensure your school’s atmosphere is the best it can be

Psst! Keep reading to the end for a special offer! Whether you are a building owner or facility manager, it is critical to be aware of the ongoing health and well-being of your tenants – especially in an educational environment. A key component of this responsibility is ensuring a high-quality atmosphere, including safe, breathable air […]

Cooling and Heating Safety Hazards to Look Out For

Heating System Filter

We all need to be able to heat and cool our home in a way that’s effective and energy efficient—but it also needs to be safe. While heating and cooling systems are generally safe to use, there are a few safety hazards you need to look out for to minimise any potential risk to your […]

Heating and Cooling Systems: How Can Regular Maintenance Keep You Safe?

Removing Ac Filter for Regular Maintenance

We all want our homes to feel nice and comfortable as the climate shifts with each season, but without regular maintenance, your heating or cooling system could pose certain risks to the health and wellbeing of your family and loved ones inside your home. Here we highlight a few of the ways regularly maintaining your […]

CO poisoning is increasing risk

Vanessa Robinson her two sons, Chase and Tyler, died from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by an unserviced gas heater

Published Shepparton News: by TAYLAH BURROWS MARCH 29, 2017 As the temperature begins to drop and the cooler weather sets in, community members are reminded to ensure their heaters are working properly. Greater Shepparton is no stranger to the dangers of faulty heaters. In 2010 the community was rocked by the tragic deaths of Chase Robinson, 8, and […]