Rinnai Heater Servicing – 8 Reasons Why Maintenance Is Important

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Why your Rinnai Heater needs maintenance 

Coming back from a hectic day at work, where do you find the most comfort? Or, what is that one place where you seek refuge from the cold weather during winters? For most of you, it’s the warm embrace of your beloved home.

When it comes to heaters, Rinnai is one of the most popular and trusted brands in Melbourne. However, there’s one thing needed to make sure your Rinnai heater is functioning optimally. For your heater to provide you with just the right amount of heating during winters so you neither feel uncomfortably hot nor too cold as if the heater doesn’t exist at all, you have to consider Rinnai heater servicing at least once every two years.

Hazards of a Faulty Gas Heater

Living in Melbourne, a gas heater is more of a necessity than a luxury in order to deal with the chilling winters. However, having a gas heater makes it important for you to understand the dangers of not getting it serviced regularly.

Oftentimes, you are unable to detect if there’s a problem with your Rinnai gas heater until severe damage has already been caused. That’s mostly when you encounter a dangerous situation putting your and your family’s life at risk or when you face a serious monetary loss by having to replace the entire heating system. The ideal way to avoid any such risks is to plan a schedule for your Rinnai heater servicing. Delaying it for longer paves way for the following dangers:

Health Hazards

It’s a scary but true fact that a faulty gas heater has the ability to emit poisonous carbon monoxide gas. Regular servicing of your Rinnai heating unit will ensure you are not at risk from this dangerous gas can result in severe health issues and even death in some instances.

Safety Hazards

Not only that a malfunctioning heater poses a serious threat to your health, but it can even cause a fire hazard putting precious lives at risk. You surely never want that to happen! Therefore, call a professional heater service technician before it’s too late.


During winters, the heater usage is at its peak. The safest way to track if there’s a gas leakage in your heating system is to schedule a Rinnai heater servicing or else be ready to pay the excessively high energy bills for the gas you never used.

Perks of Regular Heater Servicing

While the only safest way to avoid the dangers of gas heaters is to have them serviced once or twice every two years, there are some perks of Rinnai heater servicing you certainly don’t want to miss:


Rinnai heater servicing only costs you a fraction of the money you would have otherwise spent on the repairs or replacement of your heater. Moreover, a properly functioning heating unit will keep your bills from rising due to gas leakage and will ensure accurate energy bills that aren’t too heavy on your pocket.

Longer Lifespan 

Care and maintenance increase the lifespan of literally everything. From pets to appliances; the more attention they receive, the longer they are there for you. With regular heater servicing, a small issue can be fixed before it turns into irreversible damage. As a result, you and your family get to enjoy the chilling winters in Melbourne beside your Rinnai heater for many years to come.

Improved Performance

Proper upkeep not only ensures your heater goes a long way, but also adds to the improved efficiency of your heating unit during winters. When your technician gets to closely inspect your heater, he can detect even a minor issue before it gets any serious. He/she then can identify and fix the prevailing issue, saving you from paying a hefty amount as replacement or repair cost. As a result, you get to spend the entire winter season without having to worry about a poorly functioning heating unit

Lastly, as much as it is important to have your heater serviced regularly, hiring a professional service technician for the task is equally as important. While living in Melbourne, your Rinnai heater servicing is taken care of.  HeatCool has qualified and reliable professionals to get your heater servicing done.


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