5 Simple Ways To Save Money On Your Cooling And Heating Systems In Melbourne

Gas Heating Adjusting Thermostat for Low Bill in Winter

Summer and winter are the seasons which can make your electricity consumption soar. But a few thoughtful changes to your habits and household can help reduce your energy consumption and utility bills. Here we have listed 5 easy ways with you which can bring big savings on your heating and cooling systems in Melbourne: 1. […]

Evaporative vs Refrigerated Cooling

In a perfect world we’d all just open a window or stick on a fan to cool down. But when it’s hot, some type of cooling brings sweet relief – especially at night when it feels too warm to sleep. Hot, tired and cranky is not how most people want to spend their summers. Working […]

How a regular air conditioning service could save thousands.

Whether you’re a property manager or owner, it’s the call from the tenant you don’t want: “The air con is on the blink.” Worst case scenario – if it’s a good split system and needs to be replaced, the bill could run into the thousands. That’s enough to bring a tear to the eye of […]

2014 – Own it!

Author: HeatCool Group

Blink… What was that? 2013… Gone! Mind Clear – Eyes Clear – 2014 is here and waiting for us to make our mark – Bring it on! No need to talk about the horrendous heat experienced for a few days over the last week or two (although I obviously am!). Can’t comprehend how the tennis […]

Errol – A Top bloke.

Dust Mite

Spring!! If you’re a lamb you’re bouncing around in the grass and daffodils without a care in the world… If you’re a farmer you’re no doubt yelling “It won’t stand still”… So those that read our August blog would have picked up that my allergies have been flaring up… Standard this time of year… The […]