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Dust Mite

Spring!! If you’re a lamb you’re bouncing around in the grass and daffodils without a care in the world… If you’re a farmer you’re no doubt yelling “It won’t stand still”…

So those that read our August blog would have picked up that my allergies have been flaring up… Standard this time of year… The dreaded… POLLEN AND HAY-FEVER SEASON.

So you don’t wanna go outside because of all the pollen and stuff right? Check this out then:

Evaporative cooling and general air-conditioning is one of the major triggers of Asthma attacks. Harbouring the likes of external pollens, black mould, mildews, bacteria, and other general viruses, a non-maintained system in operation can ultimately result in serious health outcomes. The moisture generated from Evaporative cooling creates an environment that Dust Mites find particularly conducive for partying and reproducing. Stagnant water in the outdoor units is a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes, their dead carcasses ultimately end up in your lounge or bedroom.

Hmmmmm… Your bedroom – Here’s something further on that front. If your pillow is more than three months old, statistically speaking, up to 30% of the weight of your fave pillow is now solely attributable to Dust Mites, Moisture, Dead skin, and Dust Mite faeces. MMMmmm MMMMmmmm. Delicious! Most importantly those faeces that you breathe in every time your head hits the pillow contain one of the most toxic allergens for those with asthma and respiratory weakness. We are only really scratching the surface – Basically it’s pretty gross.

Here is a Dust Mite called Errol – Next time you go to bed, say hello to him before he gets all up in your face.


Ok on that note, that’ me signing out for another month!

Night night – Don’t let the bed bugs bite. It’s your environment.



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