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Blink… What was that?

2013… Gone!

Mind Clear – Eyes Clear – 2014 is here and waiting for us to make our mark – Bring it on!

No need to talk about the horrendous heat experienced for a few days over the last week or two (although I obviously am!). Can’t comprehend how the tennis players coped with the ‘on-court’ temperatures in the mid-50’s – Simply superb, finely tuned athletes.

All of which is a timely reminder that it won’t be the last of the searing heat so stay prepared and remember to look after your cooling system – They need love too!  😉 The long range forecast has mid-late 30’s around the corner again so get in and make sure your unit has had its service and is all ready to cope with the stress! Last thing you and the family want is critical failure when you need it the most… Just like elite athletes, your cooling system has a better chance of coping and performing during the extremes if it is finely tuned – That’s where we come in – Think of us as your ‘Cooling Coach’ – Time for another coaching session? Give us a call!


Is this the most famous silhouette in the history of tennis…Perhaps in sport?

Not too sure who will take out this year’s Open, one thing is for sure, they would have earned it.

 That’s us done – See you soon and until then keep cool – It’s your environment.



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