How a regular air conditioning service could save thousands.

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Whether you’re a property manager or owner, it’s the call from the tenant you don’t want: “The air con is on the blink.”
Worst case scenario – if it’s a good split system and needs to be replaced, the bill could run into the thousands.
That’s enough to bring a tear to the eye of even the most experienced property investor.
But the seasoned pros are unlikely to get lumped with a problem that eats into their rental income.
Why? Because smart investors and experienced real estate professionals understand that regular maintenance always saves you in the long run.
We like to think that air con units and heaters are like cars. Look after them with a regular service, and they’ll repay you by continuing to run smoothly long after you thought they’d give up the ghost.
But fail to show the necessary love and care, and you’re all but guaranteed they’ll break at the most inconvenient time – leaving the tenants in the lurch, the owner reaching for his wallet and the agent kicking himself for neglecting to implement a service schedule.
There are also hygiene issues to consider. Not servicing your air-con system means harmful sediment, algae and bacteria will build up.
Of course, it doesn’t have to be this way.
Real estate property managers take advantage of our air conditioning service because they know it’s in the best interests of their clients – and their business.
What should an agent expect from a tradesperson who can help protect their client’s investment?
Quality – make sure the firm specialises in air-cons. Today’s evaporative cooling systems are complicated beasts, and your local handyman won’t have the necessary expertise to keep them properly maintained.
Professional – agents with multiple properties to manage are busy people. They need to be sure that their air-con service provider is reliable, and provides prompt reports of services and repairs.
Pricing – in a word, competitive. If it’s not, the property manager and owner aren’t getting value for money.
Those kind of principles have helped Heatcool become one of the the largest service providers of heating, cooling and gas appliances in Victoria.
Do you need advice on servicing properties you manage? Or perhaps you want to ensure the long life of an air-con in your rental property?

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