5 Reasons You Need To Install Ducted Gas Heating Systems

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Due to the rising costs of electricity in Australia, electric heaters are no more a suitable heating option for many. Therefore, homeowners in Melbourne are eagerly looking for a cost-effective solution to heat their homes.

Natural gas is a much cheaper alternative to electricity, which is why ducted gas heating systems are gaining massive recognition across the region for the ease and convenience that they bring.

How Ducted Heating Systems Work

With a gas ducted heating installation in your Melbourne home, you can choose to heat your entire house or just a selected portion of the house.

These heating systems consist of an outdoor heating unit and a network of ducts (as the name suggests) installed in the roof cavity or under the flooring of your home. Your outdoor unit passes the cold air to the heat exchanger which warms the air and then supplies this warm air to different parts of your home through the vents and outlets connected to these ducts. Since there’s only a single unit that heats an entire home, gas ducted heating prices are significantly lower than other common heating options in Melbourne.

Benefits Of Ducted Gas Heating Units For Home

If you are renovating your home, it is a good time to replace your old and inefficient heating systems with an energy-efficient ducted gas heating unit. While you might be unsure whether it’s worth swapping your old gas or electric heaters with a ducted heating unit, below are 5 good reasons to help you decide:

1. A Healthy Heating Solution

By maintaining the moisture in the air, a ducted gas heating system does not make the air dry as much as other systems do. This makes it suitable for those suffering from asthma or dust allergies. The air produced by these systems is more natural as compared to other heating options and hence, you can enjoy the warm and cosy air right within the comfort of your home without having to worry about your health.

2. Less Harmful For The Environment

When you look at the bigger picture, ducted gas heating emits lesser contaminants into the environment as compared to electricity generated heating systems which make it an environmentally friendly method of heating your homes.

3. Energy And Cost Efficiency

With ducted heating systems, the flexibility of zoning enables you to save more energy by isolating those areas where heating is not required. Whereas, you get the liberty to pick and choose the parts of your home where you need heating. This way, these systems ensure no energy is wasted and you save a significant amount on your annual heating costs.

Ducted gas heating also comes with the added benefit of using the energy only when the temperature inside your home goes below your desired temperature. Once the house warms as per your requirement, the burners and fan will stop producing more heat, so all the heat that has already been generated is utilised to the fullest.

4. Functions Well Even In Extreme Cold Weather

The last thing you’d expect from your home heating unit is its reduced efficiency as the weather gets cold. The shock will be even worse when you receive your monthly energy bill. A ducted heating unit, on the other hand, can easily maintain the desired warmth inside your Melbourne home, no matter how chilly the weather gets without causing your energy bills to rise.

5. A Safer Choice For Homeowners

The common perception attached to the word ‘gas’ is of danger. This is one of the major reasons people are reluctant to install ducted gas heating systems in their homes. However, in reality, these systems are extremely harmless without any hot surfaces, naked flames or fume emissions. All that you come in contact with, is the endless comfort this system has to offer.

If you are ready to enjoy all these perks of ducted gas heating systems, get in touch with an experienced heating technician from HeatCool. They are professionals in the installation, repairs and servicing of ducted gas heating units for homes and businesses, all around Melbourne.


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