5 Winter Heating Tips to Swear By

Gas Heating Adjusting Thermostat for Low Bill in Winter

Victorian winters can be brutally cold, making any tips which can help you keep your home or office warm and toasty through the winter months priceless. At HeatCool, we know a thing or two about heating—that’s why we decided to share our top five heating tips that are sure to keep you warm when it […]

4 Ways Unscrupulous Heating Companies Cut Corners

Heatcool Expert Fixing Heater With Wrench

A heating system is a significant investment that most home or business owners ideally only have to purchase once or twice during their lifetime—so how can you avoid ‘dodgy dealers’ if you don’t know the ins and outs of the industry? Here we reveal a few of the underhanded ways some heating companies cut corners […]

5 Obvious Heating Problems You Can’t Ignore

Technician Repairing Heater System

Heating is essential for any home to be able to endure the near-freezing temperatures we often experience throughout the cold Victorian winters, but how can you tell if your heating system is working as it should? If you’ve noticed any of the following things happening when you use your heating system, it’s time to get […]

‘Heat pump’ tech could save Victorian homes up to $658 a year on gas: report

Room Heating and Cooling Controller Board

Thousands of Victorian households are missing out on cheaper bills because they are not using their already installed reverse cycle air conditioners to heat their homes as an alternative to gas systems. An analysis by the Melbourne Energy Institute, which is based at Melbourne University, has also found greater adoption of these technologies and others […]

June – It’s a month.

Heat Cool Group It's Your Environment

Alooooha!! That was an odd little May. A week of mid to high twenties thrown in to remind us all of summer times gone by – Kooky! May saw a massive spike in those wishing to get their heating serviced prior to the real cold snap kicking in. Most importantly there has been a noticeable […]