5 Winter Heating Tips to Swear By

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Gas Heating Adjusting Thermostat for Low Bill in Winter

Victorian winters can be brutally cold, making any tips which can help you keep your home or office warm and toasty through the winter months priceless.

At HeatCool, we know a thing or two about heating—that’s why we decided to share our top five heating tips that are sure to keep you warm when it gets cold outside.

1. Only heat what you need to

Most modern central heating systems have the ability to create ‘zones’, allowing you to heat designated areas of the home without heating the entire home. While older systems may not have in-built zoning capabilities, simply close the vents in rooms you don’t need to heat to achieve a similar result.

Alternatively, space heaters (such as a reverse cycle split system) can be very effective at heating a single room or area efficiently and affordably.

2. Set your thermostat to one temperature

Setting your thermostat to an even temperature between 18 and 20 degrees will not only have your home feeling warm and comfortable, it will also keep your energy bills down by ensuring the system is operating efficiently.

Regularly changing the temperature on your thermostat or switching your heater on and off can lead to short cycling, which prevents your heater from completing a full heating cycle and places additional and unnecessary strain on your heating system.

adjusting the thermostat

3. Minimise heat loss

Simple measures like eliminating any drafts, using rugs to warm cold floors and installing quality window coverings to provide insulation can work wonders in helping you retain the heat in your home. Your heating system won’t need to work as hard and it can also save you considerably on your energy bills.

4. Turn your heater off when you don’t need it

It’s easy to get into the habit of switching your heater on as soon as you feel a slight chill, but it’s a habit that’s worth breaking. Instead, try putting on a jumper and some warm socks, or simply using a throw blanket to keep you snug and warm when sitting on the couch. While there will be times that call for the heater, you can save considerably by cutting usage when you don’t really need it.

Make sure you also turn your heater off when you leave the home or go to bed in the evening—it’s not necessary and adds considerably to your energy bills.

5. Get your heater serviced

You should get your heating serviced at least once every 18-24 months. Not only will this ensure your heating is operating to its optimal efficiency, but it can also identify any potential health or safety issues.

This is particularly important for gas heaters—gas heaters can be responsible for leaking Carbon Monoxide, which can cause a wide range of very serious health issues including death.

Beat the cold this winter

At HeatCool, we can help you beat the cold this winter by designing a home or office heating solution that is fit-for purpose, based on your individual heating needs.

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