4 Ways Unscrupulous Heating Companies Cut Corners

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A heating system is a significant investment that most home or business owners ideally only have to purchase once or twice during their lifetime—so how can you avoid ‘dodgy dealers’ if you don’t know the ins and outs of the industry?

Here we reveal a few of the underhanded ways some heating companies cut corners so you know what to look out for when purchasing and installing a new heating system.

1. Recommending the system which is easiest to install

The efficiency of your heating system will entirely depend on how well the system has been designed. A heating system needs to be designed to be fit-for-purpose, considering:

  • the size and layout of your home or office
  • your individual heating requirements, and
  • your budget (considering both the immediate and long-term expense).

Instead of carefully designing a heating system that will be both cost-effective and energy-efficient, some heating companies simply recommend the biggest unit or the system which will be the quickest and easiest to install.

Quality design requires a more thorough and holistic approach, taking everything from the most suitable heating unit, duct size, insulation, zoning and internal air flow, through to the quality and compatibility of individual parts into account.

2. Employing more sales people than technicians

If you’ve requested a quote to install a new heating system and the company sends a sales agent with no technical background knowledge to your home, it should sound warning bells.

Reputable heating companies mostly employ skilled and knowledgeable technicians who know the intricacies of how heating systems work and what’s involved in good system design. This enables them to recommend a highly-customised solution that is cost-effective, efficient and reliable.

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A sales agent with no industry history or working experience is very very unlikely to have that same level of in-depth knowledge, making it nearly impossible for them to design or recommend the optimal system for your unique requirements.

3. Using cheap subcontractors

While it’s common practice among the heating industry to use subcontractors, some heating companies cut costs by using the most affordable contractors they can find. They are often less experienced and may not have undergone adequate vetting.

Reputable heating companies tend to opt for more experienced subcontractors, also verifying they hold the correct insurances, industry licensing and police checks. These companies also provide end-to-end service, taking responsibility for the work of their contractors and providing a single point of contact. The ‘cheapest’ option may often be exactly that, the cheapest and least experienced option.

4. Second-rate workmanship

Some heating companies also adopt a ‘churn and burn’ approach, sacrificing on quality workmanship to get through as many jobs as they can, as quickly as possible. This approach often results in issues such as:

  • units which are not adequately sealed which leak out air
  • badly designed ductwork which will not heat the space efficiently or effectively
  • poor internal airflow
  • incorrectly wired cables which can cause blow-ups and fires, and
  • crooked control panels.

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