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Alooooha!! That was an odd little May. A week of mid to high twenties thrown in to remind us all of summer times gone by – Kooky!

May saw a massive spike in those wishing to get their heating serviced prior to the real cold snap kicking in.

Most importantly there has been a noticeable dynamic shift in the reasons behind servicing taking place. We are getting swamped with calls taking advantage of our ‘Healthy Home and Appliance checks’. It is becoming evident that the primary reasons Melbournians in particular wanting their gas appliance serviced, is for the health and safety of their family as opposed to ‘prolong the longevity of your heater, save money on utilities through better efficiency’ etc. The latter factors are still obviously valid and close to all our hearts, however we are genuinely very pleased to see the new consumer awareness surrounding gas appliances and the safety of them. There has been an unfortunate history of ‘slack attitudes’ focusing on safety and ‘best practice’ in our industry – We at HeatCool have made it part of our company DNA to challenge and correct those attitudes and to lead the industry towards a safer and more responsible position.

With this we obviously need your assistance! DO NOT SETTLE FOR SECOND BEST. The consequences of any gas-fitter not correctly and diligently servicing and testing your appliance is too significant. Whether you choose HeatCool or not is ultimately your decision, all we can ask is that you choose a company that is fully licensed, carries the latest testing equipment, employees a zero tolerance on gas leaks, and has a checklist of steps they can cover off with you.

Safe home – Safe family – It’s your environment.

It's your environment


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