Replacing your old heating system (Home Heating and Cooling Upgrades program)

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In addition to a $1,000 rebate towards an energy-efficient reverse-cycle air conditioner, eligible homeowners can access additional rebates to decommission their old systems.

Why upgrade to a reverse-cycle air conditioner?

  • Increase your thermal comfort
  • Lower energy costs
  • Improve your health and wellbeing
  • Reduce greenhouse emissions


About the program

The Home Heating and Cooling Upgrades Program will help 250,000 eligible households lower their running costs and improve their health through upgrading inefficient gas heaters, electric heaters and wood heaters with energy-efficient reverse-cycle air conditioners.

Under the program, eligible households can receive:

  • $1,000 towards the cost of an energy-efficient reverse-cycle air conditioner
  • $200 towards the cost of decommissioning their outdated gas heater (if an existing gas heater is being replaced), and
  • $500 towards the cost of upgrading their switchboard (if an upgrade is required to install the rebated reverse-cycle air conditioner).


To be eligible for this program you must hold a valid concession card, or your annual household income must be below $90,000. You must also upgrade your existing system with an approved Home Heating and Cooling Upgrades product. More information can be found at

Decommissioning your old heater

Depending on your current type of heater it may need to be decommissioned to qualify for a Home Heating and Cooling Upgrades rebate. Decommissioning your old heating system can help you improve the comfort of your home and lower your heating operation costs. Reverse-cycle air conditioners can better heat and cool, your main living area which benefits both health and wellbeing.

A summary of decommissioning requirements is below:

Upgrade Type Decommissioning Requirement
Fixed electric Decommission
Fixed gas Decommission
Reverse-cycle split system (older than seven years) Decommission
Wood heater No action
Ducted gas No action
No heater No action

What does decommissioning mean?

Decommissioning means that your old heating system is safely dismantled and/or made inoperative.

What systems need to be decommissioned?

The following heating systems will need to be decommissioned to be eligible for a rebate:
» Fixed electric
» Fixed gas
» Reverse-cycle air conditioner
(older than seven years)

My gas ducted system runs through the house, will it be decommissioned?

Ducted gas systems do not need to be decommissioned as part of the program. Households can still receive a rebate for an energy-efficient reverse-cycle air conditioner and keep their gas ducted system. A reversecycle air conditioner is cheaper to run than a gas ducted system, so having the option of using an air conditioner to heat or cool your main living area can bring down your energy costs.

I want to upgrade my heating but would like to keep my fireplace, can I?

Wood heaters do not need to be decommissioned for households to be eligible for the upgrade. Through having the option of using a reverse-cycle air conditioner you can heat your main living area more efficiently, along with cooling it, while reducing air pollution.

How do I know if I need to upgrade my switchboard?

Your approved Home Heating and Cooling Upgrades Program supplier will advise whether your switchboard will need to be upgraded to accommodate your new air conditioner. Approved suppliers can only use installers who have a valid electrical worker license.



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Home Heating and Cooling Upgrades Program

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