Claiming a Payment (Home Heating and Cooling Upgrades program)

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Once you have completed your installation of a reverse-cycle air conditioner you will need to provide proof of the installation. This will include the uploading of documents to show that the work was completed by qualified installers and photographic evidence of the upgrade work.

You will need to provide the following documents to request payment:

» The final tax invoice
» A copy of the Certificate of Electrical Safety (CES)
» A copy of the Plumbing Compliance Certificate (PCC)
» Photographic evidence of the installation.

Final tax invoice

The final tax invoice should include the heading ‘Tax Invoice’ and include all details of the installation including the following:

» the installation address: must match the address listed on the portal.
» the ABN of the Supplier: this must match the ABN listed under the Supplier in the portal
» other details must follow the structure below:
» total cost
» less/minus rebate
» showing the outstanding as owed by the customer.

Certificate of Electrical Safety

The CES is for:

» prescribed Electrical Installation Work where work was done on the switchboard, or
» non prescribed Electrical Installation Work OR Prescribed Electrical Installation Work when there is no work done on the switchboard.

You will also need to make sure the CES contains the following:
» the installation address which matches the address listed on the portal
» the name and accreditation of the Electrical worker. Their accreditation must be active at the time of installation
» the certification date of the CES. This must be on/after the date of installation
» the reverse-cycle air conditioner model installed. This must match the product listed in application’s quote and must be an authorised product listed on the Home Heating and Cooling Upgrades website at the time of installation. There should be no discrepancy between this information and what is listed on the portal.

Note: There may be two certificates if the work is split across two installers. Ensure any switchboard work is listed on the Prescribed CES.

Plumbing Compliance Certificate

The Plumbing Compliance Certificate must contain the following information:

» the certifier name and licence number
» the certificate number and pin
» the installation address. This must match the installation address listed on the Portal
» the installation date. This must match the installation date on the CES
» the nominated cost bracket
» type of work done (either domestic or residential)
» the work complete. This must be circled or provided in Installation Information (including Gas Capping if done)
» installation details including additional work and products
» the lodgement confirmation and date that is no later than 5 days after the installation
» the supervision declaration.

Photographic evidence

Ensure there are photos of every component of the installation that’s done including:

» the old system (if there was one)
» the newly installed system
» gas capping (if required)
» switchboard upgrade (if required) .




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