4 Things to Ask Your Heating or Cooling System Installer

Woman Browsing Laptop on Couch in a Room With Well Designed Heating and Cooling System

Choosing the right heating and cooling systems is not always a straight forward thing to do. If you are new to the technology, you should be ready to compare and contrast. But how do you know what’s right for you? How can you be sure that you are getting the best value for money? A […]

3 Common Heating and Cooling Mistakes You Can Avoid

Woman Looking Out the Window in a Room With Well Designed Heating and Cooling System

Setting up a well designed heating or cooling system in your home or office is not always a simple process. There are many different considerations to keep in mind. Which systems are likely to save you the most money? Which is going to offer you the least hassle in maintenance over the years to come? […]

Heating and Cooling System Installer: Three Ways to Spot a Trustworthy One

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Finding the best installer for your new heating or cooling system isn’t always about looking for the best prices. Naturally, you will need to make sure that you are receiving quality workmanship, and you also should feel reassured by the quality and brands of the products they offer, as well as with their quoted prices. […]

Air Quality Warning For Victorian Asthma Sufferers

Weather Map Showing Air Quality Warning for Victorian Asthma Sufferers

Published: The Age May 13 2017 VIEW ORIGINAL ARTICLE Melbourne’s air quality will continue to be so poor over the weekend, the Environmental Protection Agency has issued a warning for asthma sufferers. On Friday morning, air quality tracker AirVisualEarth showed that Melbourne’s PM2.5 levels (smoke particles) were higher than those in Shanghai, China. Smoke readings […]

Poor Indoor Air Quality Asthma Triggers Cause 10 Million Missed School Days Each Year

Poor Indoor Air Quality Cause Asthma

A well-managed Indoor Air Quality plan can identify and reduce asthma triggers, while lowering facility operating costs. Clearwater, FL Asthma is one of the most common chronic diseases that afflicts children. Attacks can be debilitating enough to affect student performance and attendance. While there is no cure for asthma, there are ways to medically treat […]

CO poisoning is increasing risk

Vanessa Robinson her two sons, Chase and Tyler, died from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by an unserviced gas heater

Published Shepparton News: by TAYLAH BURROWS MARCH 29, 2017 As the temperature begins to drop and the cooler weather sets in, community members are reminded to ensure their heaters are working properly. Greater Shepparton is no stranger to the dangers of faulty heaters. In 2010 the community was rocked by the tragic deaths of Chase Robinson, 8, and […]

Get ready for the hottest summer EVER:

Get ready for the hottest summer EVER: Sydney to be HIT by heatwaves and bushfires with a sweltering start to December Australia will experience a hotter and drier start to December than average NSW will be plagued by fast spreading and out-of-control bushfires  The whole country is at higher risk of potentially deadly blazes Heatwaves […]

‘Heat pump’ tech could save Victorian homes up to $658 a year on gas: report

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Thousands of Victorian households are missing out on cheaper bills because they are not using their already installed reverse cycle air conditioners to heat their homes as an alternative to gas systems. An analysis by the Melbourne Energy Institute, which is based at Melbourne University, has also found greater adoption of these technologies and others […]

Indoor Air Quality Can Cause Health Problems

Are you worried about the quality of the air you breathe? Whilst we all too aware of the effects of pollution in our cities, don’t assume that you indoor environment is any safer. According to the EPA, the air within homes and other buildings can often be more seriously polluted than the outdoor air in […]