Why Are Bonaire Gas Heating Units So Wildly Popular In Australia?

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Although based in Australia, Bonaire gas heating systems are internationally-recognised as one of the best, most efficient heaters for homeowners. How do we know this? These heating systems are one of very few that have been awarded a 5-star rating for their quality and convenience. Aside from stellar customer service, their focus has been ensuring that homeowners like you enjoy reduced energy bills and guilt about your environmental impact.

How does it do this? Through primary and secondary heat exchangers, which ensure they are 95+ per cent energy efficient. But I’m getting ahead of myself here. Let’s take a closer look at why this makes them so popular amongst Australian homeowners.

Complete Control

Bonaire gas heating systems offer you complete control over heating your home with advanced zone control features. This way, you can choose which rooms in your home are being heated and how warm they get based on your preferences. No more wasting energy (and money) heating rooms that aren’t being used. This also increases its longevity, taking the pressure off by reducing inefficient on/off cycling.

Extremely Cost-Effective

Bonaire’s gas heating systems also save you money as they are highly economical and low-cost while in use. What does this mean for you? Not only are they affordable to buy, but also to run. Firstly, gas is an extremely cheap energy source when compared to electricity. Secondly, these heating systems also consume much less energy while being used thanks to their primary and secondary heat exchangers.

Silent Satisfaction

What’s the point of buying a heater if you have to suffer through loud, invasive noises while it runs? That’s not comfortable, nor inviting. That’s also why Bonaire’s gas heating systems are almost completely silent. You can relax in a home that is heated where and how you prefer, without all the loud mechanical sounds that come with substandard heaters.

Environmentally Friendly

Bonaire’s gas heating systems are designed with both the consumer and our planet in mind – what’s the point of a warm home if there’s no planet left for it to be built on? The environmentally-friendly design reduces the amount of energy consumed and allows you to reduce your own energy consumption through strategic zoning. Bonaire also offers natural gas and LPG models to ensure that safety and sustainability are prioritised – not only for you but for our environment too.

With these incredible features and functions, it’s no wonder that Bonaire gas heating systems are rapidly rising in popularity amongst Australian homeowners. If you’re ready to enjoy these incredible benefits too, come to HeatCool! As certified installers and suppliers of this revolutionary heating system, we have the skills and tools needed for safe, successful, and code-compliant installations and repairs.

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