What’s The Best Heating Solution Plan For Your Home?

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Finding the right heater for you involves many factors and can involve more than one type of heater to give the best solution. From some brands, like Rinnai heating comes in many forms.  Let’s look at the general market options:

Reverse-cycle heating

If only have 2 or 3 rooms that need regular heating then a reverse-cycle air conditioner might be a good choice.  It extracts heat from the environment air and brings it indoors.  In summer it cools the home.

There is one external unit and piping can run in your ceiling easily.

Different products have different efficiencies so compare the energy ratings.  Watch the temperature you set or your energy bill will climb.

Gas heaters

These are a cost-effective option especially larger rooms.  The gas supply will have be on the exterior of the house and piping will duct it to the unit.

Extra points to note:

  • Cheaper to run, but a bigger upfront investment versus electric options.
  • Less greenhouse gas emissions than electric options.
  • Carbon monoxide is released into a pipe that directs the pollutants outside.
  • We do not recommend portable, unflued gas heaters.

Electric heaters

Free standing, cheap to buy, very expensive to run, big heat output.  These are not suitable for larger spaces but rather for a small room that wants a short burst of heating.

Your energy bill will suffer greatly if you leave it on for hours!

Ducted Heating

When you are aiming to heat a whole office or house then ducted, centralised heating could well be the best solution for you.  As it has zonal control, you can close it off in the living room on the days that you want to light your fire place.

A gas systems pumps hot air and a hydronic system pumps hot water around the house. Even though centralised, you can have controls for each room.

There is a greater upfront investment and an electrical one would be far more expensive to run versus a gas option.

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A gloriously attractive heating option is a fireplace.  Unlike Victorian times, it is rare to find a fireplace in every room. In addition to fireplaces there are stoves which are closed fireplaces. Contemporary gas heaters can generate 9.2kW with a star rating of 5.5.

Gas is far more cost effective than wood burning and requires much less maintenance.  Combining a fireplace with other heating options is such a comforting and elegant option.

So now the decision is yours.  Do you need every room in the house heated and are looking at ducted heating or do only one or two rooms need heating which can be serviced with a fireplace in one room and a wall mounted gas heater in the other room?

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