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Rugby Players of Different Teams

#stanimal #stanimal #stanimal – What a result – What a tourney!! Well done, again, Melbourne!

Surely now the ultimate Slam – A massive test of fitness, strength and character – Is there a bigger one?

I love the sound of the word Falafel… I don’t like eating them… There is no relevance… No recipe… Just a word… Falafel.

Weather update: So here it is, and in ‘layman’ terms for us all to contemplate… The El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) remains neutral, with the majority of atmospheric and oceanic indicators close to their long-term average. Dynamical models surveyed by the Bureau suggest ENSO-neutral conditions are likely to persist at least for the next three months.“

What does that mean?? Stick your head out the window in the morning, look left, look right… look up… Prepare your day accordingly! There, succinct weather predicting thingy done.

Ok so here at HeatCool, believe it or not, we are getting the odd prudent punter out there calling us to organise their gas heating service already. Now on face value this may appear to be late summer madness however booking in an appointment now effectively secures a spot before the cold snap really hits and congestion starts to hit the schedule. Prepare early – Give us a call and arrange a clean and service before the icy chill arrives! Also a great idea from a budgeting point of view too. As I said… Prudent Punters… speaking of which…

Oval-Ball Footy season is knocking on the front door again. It feels like only last week when the Hawkes put an end to the Dockers fantastic season to take the flag. So here are my ‘bolters’ for the 2014 season across the three oval-ball codes:

AFL – I think the top six will stay the same as last year with a real dog fight for the final two spots. Any two of eight teams look like having a real shot at finals footy and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Suns in that mix with a week or two remaining. If they can maintain close to their full playing roster this year, they might just sneak in. In Gazza we trust.

NRL – I’m gonna make a bold prediction here. The Warriors will make the top 4. The addition of English Superstar Sam Tomkins at fullback is already showing its potential in the pre-season. His combination in the attacking line with Shaun Johnson looks incredibly crisp. Add to this Mateo, Leuluai off the bench and the extreme pace and ball handling skill of the forward pack, this team ‘could’ go all the way. The only team that might stop The Warriors reaching the top four in 2014 will be… The Warriors.

Super Rugby – I don’t know. I love Rugby Union with a passion but HATE the format of this competition where teams do not play all other teams and then go through to a finals series. What were the organisers thinking? I love a local derby as much as the next guy, but this is an international competition too. I personally feel it was a play by the ARFU to try and strengthen support locally with no real feeder competition evident. All teams MUST play each other and then progress, if a country misses out having a team represent in the finals – Tough. Anyway, this season will bring standard New Zealand strength, Australian frustration and South African growth. Look for both the Cheetahs and the Sharks this year, if they can win the odd match away from home – They’ll be hard to knock off.

I know there’ll be lots of pointing of fingers at these predictions, and I wouldn’t necessarily advise going and taking a second mortgage on your home or anything but you heard it here first and that’s a wrap!

Footy – For the months ahead, in some form, it’s your environment!



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