3 Common Heating and Cooling Mistakes You Can Avoid

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Setting up a well designed heating or cooling system in your home or office is not always a simple process. There are many different considerations to keep in mind. Which systems are likely to save you the most money? Which is going to offer you the least hassle in maintenance over the years to come? Which is going to be the most convenient solution for your home or family?

As experts in heating and cooling across Melbourne and Victoria, we are in a prime position to offer you advice on how to negotiate the perfect deal on a heating and cooling system. If it is your first time installing heating or cooling your property or premises, here are three common pitfalls you can easily avoid.

Neglecting to Consider After Sales Support

One thing you must do when considering a heating or cooling installation is look for a company that is wholly responsible for what they offer. When you look for the ideal system, you should be able to get in touch when you need to and have one clear point of after-sales contact. It’s details like this that can indicate whether a supplier is organised and experienced and will stand behind their products and services.

After-sales support is crucial. Have you thought about what you may need from an installer after the event? A good heating or cooling provider should demonstrate how they can help you in the long run. As mentioned, that includes end-to-end care, from installation to servicing to dealing with faults and warranties should you require it, with one point of contact.

Failing to Fully Consider Your Options

From the outside, it may be tempting to simply opt for an air conditioning or heating system that is affordable on face value. However, you will need to do more than just weigh up your options based on initial outlay for the cost of the system. There are many different types of heating and cooling systems with many different features and benefits, such as some being more energy-efficient to run than others but their upfront costs may be higher, while other systems may be cheaper to service and maintain. Other important considerations relate to how much space you want to condition. Just one room, a couple of rooms or the whole house? These three scenarios may lead to three very different solutions.

Before you buy into any form of unit – heating, cooling, or reverse cycle – you must be willing to open yourself up and be prepared to consider your options. Otherwise, you may find that you pay more in the long run for a system that does not deliver what you wanted it to do or what you paid for.

Accepting Telephone Quotes

It may be quick and easy to get a quote for services over the telephone. However, you should not accept such a quote if you have not had your property adequately inspected beforehand. Without the necessary due diligence, a company offering less than that is unlikely to do the job to your satisfaction, and very likely to be cutting corners.

Before you enter into any heating or cooling project with a company, you should request a full inspection and/or consultation. That will ensure that the company knows what the costs will be and therefore give you an accurate quotation on work.

Consider Things Carefully

Installing a heating or cooling system in your home or office is a big decision to make. Make sure you look carefully at your options and ask plenty of questions of your service provider.

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It’s more relaxing and comfortable knowing you’ve made the right decisions.

This process should start before you even call an installer. We encourage you to think about the following:

  • Are you looking for a dedicated heating or cooling system? Or do you want it to do both according to the season?
  • Are you looking to just condition on space, multiple space or the whole house?
  • What type of heating do you like the feel of? Do you like warm air coming from floor ducts? Or maybe you hate air blowing on you but love radiant heating?
  • How do you use your spaces in the house? Do you need the whole space to be conditioned as you use all areas most of the time? Or maybe you would be happy to shut down certain areas until they are needed, e.g. guest areas or kids rooms?

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