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How about this Heat

‘…I walk around in the summer time saying “How about this heat?”…’ Happens to be a line in an incredibly ‘not-politically-correct’ Dennis Leary track from 1993. Who knew back then, that we ALL would be quoting him 20 years later!

Victoria got hit hard in a record heat wave but Sydney took out the choccies with Penrith recording 46.5 degrees at 2:16pm on the 18th Jan – Officially the hottest day in Sydney history! Amazing to think that two days later it would end up being 23 degrees less with the mercury only reaching 22 on Saturday – Crazy weather…


With the Weather-Gods seemingly on a non-stop bender up there and losing focus on us lot down here, we suggest more temperature tomfoolery is ahead this month.

Look after yourselves and don’t forget to look after your cooling appliance – Last thing you need on one of these days is for it to feel unloved and throw its toys. Not cool, literally.

I’m off to grab an ice-block. Take it easy – It’s your environment.



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