Whoooooooooo – HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

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Weather Heatmap

Unreal – 2013 is here – What lies ahead? Economic Growth? Housing price hike? Retail Sector slump? Ashes? Lions? Tennis? F1? AFL flag?

One thing is for sure, only a select few of us can directly impact or control the outcome of any of these events. What we can control is our own internal environment!

While it is absolutely sweltering outside, stay safe and cool in your home by ensuring your air-conditioning unit, either evaporative or refrigerated, is serviced, cleaned and firing on all cylinders.

To our friends in Sydney, hang in there and keep yourselves hydrated. Alarming signs on the horizon…

Weather Heatmap

“The range now extends to 54 degrees – well above the all-time record temperature of 50.7 degrees reached on January 2, 1960 at Oodnadatta Airport in South Australia – and, perhaps worryingly, the forecast outlook is starting to deploy the new colours”

All the best for a hot January team – Keep safe – After all, it’s your environment.


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