Weather forecast: Up and down and all over the place.

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Well we predicted Weather-God tomfoolery in February and that is exactly what we got. Hottest day in Melbourne – 38.7 degrees. Coldest day in Melbourne – 18.2 degrees. Hottest night in Melbourne – 22.2 degrees. Coldest night in Melbourne – 5.0 degrees.

Nothing like keeping it real with a bit of temperature spontaneity right!? Ugggghhhh…

Anyway – We are sure we are through the worst of it without any major impact… Touch the person next to you on their head.

Little-known-fact-for-the-month: Evaporative cooling isn’t circulating clean fresh air throughout your home. It’s dumping almost 100% humidity, mould spores, pollen and all sorts of general nastiness at up to 1000 litres per second.

Hmmmm… Sneezy? Skin irritations? Allergies? Asthma? Could be the direct result of an unclean Evaporative cooler. Give us a yell and ask us about getting your unit fully cleaned. We will also advise on best operation of your unit to ensure you don’t get that awful moisture build up.

Ok there it is – Short and sharp this month! Have fun in the sun and for those of you that can remember Sid the Seagull and the awe inspiring jingle:

“SLIP-SLOP-SLAP Tadaaaaah… In the sun this summer say… SLIP-SLOP-SLAP!!!”

Remember: It’s your environment – HeatCool over and out.


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