The Importance Of Regular Daikin Aircon Maintenance Services

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Daikin Aircon Maintenance Services

Melbourne’s scorching summers are no laughing matter! Once the sun rises, temperatures begin to soar, and the inside of your home or office can feel like an oven. Your Daikin aircon is the lifeline you need to survive these sweaty, sticky summer days and live comfortably – with adjustable settings to help you sleep comfortably too. In fact, it also purifies the air by filtering out large particles, dust, odours, and even bugs!

However, to enjoy these incredible benefits, your Daikin aircon also needs regular professional maintenance services to function at peak performance and efficiency. This is especially important in hot climates, as the heat causes added stress on your aircon. Additionally, over time your aircon will need to work harder to perform at the same level – another reason why maintenance is vital.

Let’s take a closer look at why Daikin aircon servicing are so important!

#1 Dust-Free Filters

Daikin air conditioners come equipped with advanced air filters that help to purify your air and remove airborne dust particles. Regular maintenance services keep them clean, unclogged, and dust-free to ensure that the air inside your building does too.

Without these services, dust can accumulate over time within the air filters and clog them up. This is particularly unhygienic, as this dust can then be circulated throughout your space. In some cases, filters have become so filled with dust that even air cannot pass through them!

#2 Increased Evaporator Efficiency

The evaporator coil cools down the refrigerant in your aircon, allowing it to absorb the heat in your rooms and cool your building. Regular maintenance services ensure this coil is kept clean, efficient, and unobstructed by buildups of dust and grime. If your coil becomes clogged, its cooling efficiency is greatly reduced (and your utility bills will soar). It will also cost more to unclog them through chemical washes or steam cleaning.

#3 Lack Of Leaks

Your Daikin aircon has a condensate drain pipe, which acts as an exit pipe for excess water removed from the air. As well as cooling the air, your evaporator coil also reduces humidity by removing moisture from the air. The moisture is converted to water, deposited into a pan, and exits through the condensate drain pipe.

Without regular maintenance services, water can accumulate within this pipe and cause it to leak out. Often, this tends to be due to stagnation causing the water to create a nasty, jelly-like substance that causes a blockage. Not only are these leaks unhygienic, but can cause costly water damage – especially if you don’t notice it fast!

As you can see, regular maintenance services are essential to enjoy clean, cool air from a Daikin aircon that is fully functioning, performing, and efficient. However, these services need to be performed by an authorised, professional, and experienced technician – such as those found at HeatCool!

With our expert technicians, your Daikin aircon service and running costs will be significantly reduced. We ensure this by servicing it through an advanced combination of predictive and diagnostic maintenance tasks in time with manufacturer warranties and recommendations.

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