Which Gas Heater Best Suits My Home?

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Heating is delicious on a cold day but do you decide between cost versus comfort?.

Research conducted by Sustainability Victoria, proposes you can obtain 40% savings on your annual energy cost by using gas for heating.  Here are some gas heating choices for you to consider!

Types Of Gas Heaters Available

The choice for you will vary depending on what your heating needs are.  You can get central heating like Bonaire ducted gas heaters to service the whole home or your office.  Alternatively, you can get targeted room heating.  Let’s see which suits you:

Ducted Heating – This very popular system efficiently heats entire homes, offices, restaurants and hotels with one unit.  There is higher upfront investment but you do save long term due to efficiency.  The thermostat-controlled warm air is channeled around your home through ducts and many systems have zone controls whereby temperatures can be rooms specific.

To improve performance aim for a duct R-value of 1.0 or higher. The R-value is insulation so the higher it is the wider the overall diameter of the ducts.  More benefits from ducted gas heating:

  • Ducts can be concealed in ceilings and vents are discreet.
  • Less moving parts – one unit
  • Zoning and temperature control
  • Internal air is recirculated, reducing energy use
  • Gas is cost-effective

Gas Hydronic Heating – This is an excellent choice is you have allergies or asthma.  Water is heated and distributed across your home to radiators.  This eliminates air contaminants.  The water is continually reheated and recirculated.  It is thermostat controlled.

It has a higher upfront cost with piping and labour and is slower in warming up your home but it that means no allergies it is a fair trade-off.  Use the best insulation of the pipes to reduce energy loss.

The additional benefits are:

  • Allergy and asthma sufferers benefit health-wise
  • Less drying effect on eyes, skin, etc.
  • Zoning control per room
  • It is very quiet

all Furnace – If your aim is only to heat one or two rooms then ducted aircon is not for you.  Consider a Pyrox gas wall furnace per room requiring heating.  It can service small or large rooms, be built-in or console mounted, you can split the heating between two rooms, and a 9kW unit can service a large area.

Benefits of a gas wall furnace:

  • The installation is easy and doesn’t require a minor renovation
  • You get energy efficient heating and only in specific rooms
  • You can heat 1 or 2 priority rooms

Size Decisions

When at the stage of choosing the heater size, consider these points:

  • Room or space cubic metres
  • What is the quality of the buildings insulation?
  • Location climate
  • What is the quantity and size of the buildings windows?
  • Do you have insulating curtains?
  • Do the building users like it hot or tepid?

You are going to have to share this information with a qualified air conditioning installer who will guide you to the appropriate equipment.

Send your requirements and building information to HeatCool now on (03) 9797 0505. We will help you choose the right solution for your building and your budget from a Bonaire heater to a room specific solution.  Whether you are in Melbourne, Surrey Hills, Mornington, Melbourne, Patterson Lakes and Armadale we have a solution for you. Email to [email protected].


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