Tips For Better AC Care and Maintenance

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Homeowners can sometimes feel that maintenance is a “luxury” service, when actually, maintenance is a necessity and can save you money in the long run.

Professional maintenance allows our technicians to locate tiny problems with your air conditioner before they grow into much bigger emergency repair needs. This helps your air conditioner perform better and last longer. You might be wondering what happens during air conditioning maintenance. Should it only ever be done by professionals?

Your air conditioning system needs care and maintenance to function and operate well. You do not want to have a broken system when you need it the most. There are many things you can do to prevent damage to your air conditioner. At the same time, you can hire an expert for air conditioning maintenance so you can enjoy using your system without any troubles.

Professional Maintenance and Care

The only task you should consider when maintaining your aircon is cleaning or changing the air filter. There’s a common misconception that the air filter that comes standard in the central air conditioner is in place to protect the indoor air quality in a home. That is not the case, though.

That air filter is actually in place to protect the cooling system from being filled with dirt, dust, and other debris. You ought to be changing this out every 1-3 months.

Here’s some of what our professionals do.

  • We check the condenser and evaporator coils to make sure they’re unobstructed, clean, and able to absorb and release heat.
  • We check the refrigerant level. If your air conditioner is losing temperature, it means there is a leak.
  • We check all the electrical connections and tighten them where necessary.
  • We clean the condensate pan so that moisture from the evaporator coils doesn’t overflow and causes system and property issues.
  • We ensure that the thermostat will accurately read the temperature, and recalibrate the device if it’s not.
  • We also check the air filter, replacing or cleaning it if necessary (but remember, this is a task you should stay on top of for optimal AC efficiency).

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