Why To Install Split Air Conditioner System For Your Home

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To get the most out of your aircon system, and for it to run efficiently throughout its lifespan, ensure that the unit is serviced routinely and installed correctly by a qualified installer.

What is a Split System Air Conditioner

A reverse cycle air-conditioning system primarily referred to as a Split System. Each unit is composed of two main components – a wall-mounted indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The positioning of the outdoor system depends solely on your home. Whether it be single or double-story, there are many factors to consider.

Hi-wall split systems are for single rooms or offices and are convenient and easy to install as they require zero ductwork. Split systems, whether hi-wall systems or systems using ductwork, are also basic to use and maintain – as long as they are serviced routinely and installed efficiently.

Split System Installations

HeatCool, are specialists in Split System installation and will provide you with the best installing system at an honest price for your home. Some installers will make you believe that an enormous unit installed in the lounge will cool the whole house, which will not give you an efficient result. Why? Cold (or hot) air doesn’t do well passing by corners.

The team at HeatCool are very aware of this and will ensure the right system is installed for your home and needs. A split system has a quieter noise reduction, is easier to install, and is more energy-efficient than central cooling. This type of A/C is ductless, so all you have to do is install the unit inside and the condenser and compressor unit outside, and run piping and a power cable between the system.

We will help to choose a location that will guarantee the wall is sufficiently able to hold the weight. Most of these units contain remote controls with the purpose that you can turn it on/off and adjust the temperature as you please, regardless of whether they’re mounted high on the wall. The split system air conditioner classed as a product of pressurized equipment.

As a result, it should be serviced by a qualified professional once each year. The installment procedure is straightforward, however, the work ought to be fulfilled by a certified technician to comply with legal requirements.

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