How To Tell That It Is Time For Ducted Gas Heating Repairs

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Winter is coming. With the icy blasts of frigid air becoming more and more frequent, you notice that it is time to start flipping on the heat. The last thing you want is to realise that your entire heating system is on the way out on a cold winter’s day or night, so it is best to know how to tell that it is time for ducted gas heating repairs or maintenance as early as possible. Keeping your heating system well maintained does prevent more costly and expensive repairs down the line, but even the most cared-for system may find itself in need of some extra attention and repairs at some point.

Symptoms Of A System In Need Of Repair

You may first notice an issue if your energy bill takes a bit of a jump. Whether it is a thermostat issue or a different matter that is causing your heater pump to work overtime, it is an issue best identified early and seen to by a professional. Another sure-fire way to tell that something is off is having to constantly adjust the temperature. There should only be a need to adjust the temperature once a day (either at the start or end of the day).

Another niggly issue is if your pilot light constantly needs to be re-ignited. Luckily there are systems in place to ensure against any gas leakage but that little flame should be burning without issue on modern-day heaters. Is your heater constantly cycling? Your heating system should only be working to get to temperature and then turn off, a system that is always on and breaks for only short periods is indicative of a larger issue than just a costly energy bill.

Odd sounds are also a number one way to identify that something is not quite right. Our systems are designed to function quite quietly and a louder than normal or strange noises like clicking, for example, should definitely motivate you to call in your service team promptly.

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