Winter Is Calling – Ducted Heating and Repairs To Keep You Warm Throughout The Season

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As much as spending summers without air conditioners is intolerable, winter in Melbourne without a fully functional heating system is equally out of question. Although you wrap yourself with multiple layers of clothing when going out, you surely don’t want to carry the burden of all these clothes while at home. With more and more people opting for central heating units in their residential and commercial properties, they must be considerate towards its upkeep. But how do you identify when it’s time for ducted heating repairs? Here are a few warning signs.

Uneven Heating

There’s nothing that feels as frustrating as being perfectly warm one moment, and a moment later that warm and cosy feeling suddenly vanishes. If you experience uneven heating in different parts of your property, there’s a high chance that your ducting is damaged. These ducts are responsible for carrying warm air throughout your property. A leakage in any of your ducts means the warm air is escaping from that opening and hence you are experiencing irregular heating.

Pay close attention to check if your ducted heating has a reduced airflow since it is a clear indication that you have faulty ductwork. Never try to fix it yourself but instead, immediately hire a professional technician for your ducted heating repairs and get the problem sorted.

Insufficient Heating

If you notice that your ducted heating system is failing to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your property, and you constantly feel cold despite keeping it on, chances are that it needs some service and repair work.

Unusual Noise

As soon as you start your ducted heating unit and you hear strange or unusual noises, there’s a high probability that something is wrong with it. The noise might be due to a loose component inside the heater, a crack in your heat exchanger, or a simple ignition problem. Whatever the reason is, only a pro can identify the exact problem before carrying out ducted heating repairs on your property.

Excessively High Energy Bills

A malfunctioning heating unit causes a sudden rise in your energy bills since it doesn’t remain very energy-efficient. While this is not the only reason for your energy bills to rise unusually, you can still get your ducted heating system checked for any possible damage. Only an expert technician can detect the problem upon inspection and repair it immediately.

Why Preventive Maintenance Is Important?

When your central heating unit suddenly stops functioning, getting it repaired is your only way out. However, there’s a much better approach to avoid ending up with a failed heating system right when the winter season is at its peak. Setting a proper maintenance schedule for your ducted heating will enable the professionals to identify and fix a small problem before it turns into a major one. This way you get to spend a carefree and cosy winter season by making a conscious effort towards your ducted heating repairs and maintenance.

An efficient heating system is necessary if you have a low-temperature tolerance towards colder weather. Ducted heating repairs are thus essential for keeping your homes and commercial properties properly heated, so the cold weather doesn’t impact your productivity and daily life functions. At HeatCool, our qualified ducted heating technicians are trained to fix heating units for all kinds of properties including your home, offices or industrial spaces in Melbourne.


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