Do I Really Have To Get My Evaporative Cooler Cleaned?

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You are still thrilled with your purchase of an evaporative cooler.  It’s been a year and the gentle, natural cool feeling you get from it is still enjoyed regularly.

It is important to remember though, that even if your brilliant cooler is working like a charm, it is slowly accumulating dirt, dust and ‘stuff’ within the motor and, also, within the ductwork.  This needs to be cleaned or you could face unnecessary evaporative cleaning repairs.

As with most machinery, an evaporative cooler does not work at its best when dirty and unmaintained.  In addition, it is bad for your health and could lead to a house fire if very clogged.

Energy Safe Victoria proposes an annual service of air coolers, air conditioners and heating systems following an increase in reports of a number of fires.

The brand, the model, the location and the usage all affects the quantity of cleaning and servicing appointments needed.  The bare minimum would be once a year.


Efficiency – Obstructed or clogged ductwork and air filters quickly reduces the evaporative cooler’s efficiency.  The air flow is restricted which causes the system to work harder than it should and the motor overheats.  If your evaporative coil is covered in dust then is another reduction in the system’s ability to cool the interior.

Energy costs – A dirty cooling unit or one that has corrosion causing blockages leads to a hardworking machine. More work means more power needed. A clean unit can cut down energy costs by 15%.

Breakdowns And Evaporative Cooling Repairs – Regular cleaning can prevent an emergency service to your system because it prevents problems, such as overheating.  When the professionals are cleaning the unit, thorough checks are done to avoid breakdowns.


The better you look after something always translates into a prolonged life span.  You prevent unnecessary issues, complicated breakdowns and erroneous wear and tear therefore adding many years to your unit.  It will also save you money long term!

Air Quality

With the air that you are breathing having to pass through this system doesn’t it make sense that the cooling system is kept as clean as possible? It affects the quality of the air circulating your home or office.  A cleaning appointment will remove any stale odours from ducts.


The system blows air around your home so it best be the cleanest possible air.   If there is dust in ducts it will be blown onto your furniture, bedding, carpet etc.  This dust could contain pollutants and pollen, mould, fungi and bacteria.

We hope this highlights the importance of cleaning your unit!

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