Can I Use A Handy Man Instead Of A Plumber For My Hot Water System Repairs?

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You might be have a hot water system repair that needs tending to and you are wondering whether that phone call should be to a plumber or a Handy Man.  Let’s look at the factors that will help you decide.

Deciding Factors

Firstly, it is important to note that it cost a significant investment to get the original hot water system installed so skimping on repairs might not be prudent.  It is advisable to ensure the right people with the right qualifications and practical experience work on that hot water system.

Secondly, water damage to a home can be very expensive so engaging the services of a qualified, licensed plumber will minimise risks to your assets.

Next, hot water is dangerous, and water next to electricals (which run your heating element) is even more dangerous.  An experienced, licensed person is vital to handle that.

Lastly, your home insurance may be comprised if you did not used a licensed professional.

What licence should a plumber hold?

A plumber may need to have an occupational and contractor licence for projects.

A plumber that has an occupational licence gives him the right to physically carry out the work.

A plumber with a contractor licence gives him the right to engage in a contract for the work.

What Work Can Be Done By An Unlicensed Handy Man?

There is a large area of work, called unregulated work, which can legally be carried out by an unlicensed handy man.  Aside from this list of work, all other plumbing and drainage work must be executed by an appropriately qualified and licensed person.

  • Remove and replace a shower head or a domestic water filter cartridge
  • Remove and replace a jumper valve or washer in a tap or mixer or diverter
  • Remove, repair or replace a drop valve washer, float valve washer or suction cup rubber in a toilet cistern, pond or tank
  • Supply and replace caps onto inspection openings on a sanitary drain at ground level
  • Supply, remove, clean or generally maintain a grate for a sanitary drain trap.
  • Supply, remove, install or maintain a landscaping irrigation system downstream from a tap.
  • Supply, remove, install or maintain an isolating valve or backflow prevention device on the irrigation supply system.
  • Supply, remove, install or maintain an irrigation system for the disposal of greywater.
  • Incidental tasks e.g. excavating or backfilling a trench, replacing a toilet seat.

We hope this clarifies for you whether you should be calling a Handy Man or an experienced, licensed plumbing professional.

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