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Aircon filter cleaning Service In Summer

The heat mirage on the tar and the severe reduction in clothing layers means our summer is definitely here.  This also means it’s time to be able to safely chill out at home because sitting in your home and melting is not an option!

As the majority of us never get cold enough to use reverse cycle aircon much during winter, that means your machine has been sitting unused for months. You might find that the machine has built a nice collection of leaves, twigs and a bug or two. There might also be some bad guys like mould. The minute you switch on the aircon for your summer chill time, you will, unfortunately, be blowing those bad guys far and wide around your home, cafe or office!

It is not good to ignore the presence of mould as it causes long term health problems. Getting a professional cleanse to remove any debris and clean away the mould is good for your health and good for the lifespan of your aircon units.

Conscious Maintenance

You can DIY the cleaning of filters yourself by removing them and washing them with standard dishwashing liquid.  Dry them thoroughly before returning them to their brackets.  A professional is essential for a thorough clean of all components as well as the technical maintenance. They can advise if new components or upgrades are needed.

A technician will process the following tasks:

  • Cleaning: condenser, evaporator coils, ductwork
  • Condition assessment: condenser and evaporator coils
  • Charge assessment: refrigerant
  • Leak and quantity assessment: refrigerant.
  • Power assessment: electrical connections
  • Fluid exit assessment: drains clogging, potential flush
  • Upgrade and repair: where necessary.

A cleaning will increase the efficiency of our air conditioning unit and with that efficiency comes less energy usage which is fantastic for your energy bill and for your carbon footprint! Following the above maintenance there might be component upgrade suggestions from the technician.  This will also drive efficiencies delivering better temperatures at less energy consumption levels and extend the lifespan of your machine by many, many years.

Health And Safety

Mould spores are microscopic and easily dispersed via your air conditioner, and manifest via regular colds, sinus infections, asthma and other respiratory problems.

Mould releases toxins that can lead to bleeding in the lungs and pneumonia and small children are especially at risk. For this reason alone you should be servicing your Daikin aircon once a year.  Add energy savings, better temperature control and reductions of carbon footprint and you have to wonder why you don’t have an appointment already!

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