Ducted Heating and Central Heating repairs, service and maintenance


Ducted heating, otherwise known as central heating, is an efficient way of heating your entire home. Besides being unobtrusive it also can offer additional functionality like controlling which rooms are heated (zoning). Zoning lets you divide your home into numerous sections, so you can specify which areas are heated when and to what temperature. Ducted heating can be run by a gas driven heater or a reverse cycle air conditioning system.

It is typically installed when a new home is built, but retrofitting is also feasible and an increasingly popular option.

A typical ducted heating system consists of:

  • A gas heater or reverse cycle air conditioning unit
  • A network of insulated ducts in your ceiling or floor cavity
  • Vents or grills to circulate the air into designated rooms
  • A programmable control panel (and thermostat) for managing airflow and temperature settings

These days we rely on appliances and heating systems to keep us toasty. But machines indicate maintenance. And house wide systems like ducted heating and central heating must be kept in tip top condition for effective use.

Make sure you and your family are kept comfortable, healthy and safe by having your ducted heating or central heating system inspected. Be safe this winter. Have your ducted heating or central heating system serviced by us.

HeatCool offer central heating and ducted heating repairs, service and maintenance to the Melbourne CBD and to all Melbourne suburbs.

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