Evaporative Cooling Systems

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An evaporative system cools air through the evaporation of water. The main unit is installed on your roof, and the cooled air is distributed through ducts and outlets within your home. With no chemicals involved, evaporative cooling is a fantastic eco-friendly and also cost-effective solution to keep your home cool this summer.

As with any cooling system, HeatCool are experts in system design. We will assess your home and ensure we recommend the right system to keep you and your family comfortable this summer.

Get ready for the Melbourne summer now, and contact HeatCool now on (03) 9797 0505. Make certain you experience total comfort in your home and workplace this summer. After all, it’s your environment.

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Make sure your family or co-workers are cool, comfortable and healthy this summer. Call us on (03) 9797 0505 and enjoy effective, safe and efficient cooling in your home or office. It’s your environment.