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An evaporative system cools air through the evaporation of water. The main unit is installed on your roof, and the cooled air is distributed through ducts and outlets within your home. Evaporative cooling services is a fantastic eco-friendly and also cost-effective solution to keep your home cool this summer.

Evaporative cooling systems, which cool air through the evaporation of water, are the most sustainable and environmentally friendly cooling and ventilation available for cooling and ventilation of production facilities, distribution centres, offices and homes.

Evaporative cooler systems serve two purposes.

  1. To cool down warm/hot areas of a property
  2. Regulate temperature to maintain consistency

Evaporative cooling systems reduce temperature by circulating air over moist pads. These evaporative-cooling ‘pads’ are made of a cellulose base material with a corrugated honeycomb structure to maximise the amount of wet surface area.

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Business Efficiencies

Interestingly, research from UC Berkeley states that productivity drops by approximately 2% for every degree above 22 ℃.  An evaporative cooling system helps mitigate this by cooling down your work environment to up 10 ℃ below the outside temperature.

Evaporative cooling creates a gentler quality of cooled air, compared with standard air conditioning systems, and increases the relative humidity to reduce static problems in an office environment.

Due to the simplicity of an evaporative cooling system, running costs and repairs are typically favourable.

Contrary to common misconception, cooling actually is optimal on warmer days. Why? Because there tends to be a higher moisture content in the air which makes more water available for the process! The more vapour in the air, the better the system operates.


They don’t use chemical gases while providing Evaporative cooling services, therefore they have little impact on the environment. They also use 90% LESS energy than the standard mechanical cooling systems, which saves on running costs, while reducing the carbon footprint.

The natural process of water evaporation provides 95% of the evaporative cooling process. It delivers a high efficiency and operates with a low energy consumption.

This type of system uses 100% fresh, filtered outside air for the cooling down of your business or home.

As with any cooling system, HeatCool are experts in evaporative cooling systems. From design, through to installation. We will assess your properties requirements and recommend the solutions that best suits the parameters of your location accordingly.

If you’re looking for a reliable, eco-friendly, cost effective way to reduce the temperature on your property, give HeatCool a call today  on (03) 9797 0505 to discuss evaporative cooling.

We serve the greater Melbourne area, including, Surrey Hills, Mornington, The Bay Area, Patterson Lakes and Armadale.

Enjoy year round comfort.

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