LG Air Conditioning Service

Enjoy cool summers and warm winters in your home

If you’re like most people, you want your home to be cool during the warm summer months and warm throughout the winter. LG air conditioning systems are renowned for providing the ultimate in comfort for your home no matter what time of the year. Like all heavily used appliances though, they continue to work at their best when they undergo regular service and maintenance by an experienced professional. So when you need LG air conditioner repairs or a scheduled service contact the trusted experts in Melbourne that will get your system working as good as new. Contact the team at HeatCool.

A fully functional air conditioner will not only improve the comfort of your home, it will also reduce the risk of illness to your family when it is properly cleaned. HeatCool’s experienced LG air conditioner service technicians can visit your home or your workplace, whether it’s in the Melbourne CBD, to ensure your air conditioner repairs are carried out to the highest possible standard. So for all your LG air conditioning service needs or any other air con repair trust the experts at HeatCool. Call us today on (03) 9797 0505. It’s your family, it’s your environment.

DSV Air has recently merged with HeatCool. We are still able to help you with all of your requirements, so please contact us on 03 9797 0505.