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Benefits of using ARC licensed air conditioning & refrigeration technicians:

  • Professional and qualified technician.
  • Must adhere to an Industry Code of Practice.
  • Reduced gas leaks = increased system performance and decreased running costs.
  • You are doing the right thing for the environment

Did you know?

  • Refrigerant leaks found in air conditioners/refrigerators must, by law, be fixed before any new gas is introduced. Loss of gas = loss of money.
  • Most household air conditioners/refrigerators contain fluorocarbon refrigerant. An appropriately licensed technician is needed to recover the fluorocarbon refrigerant before an alternative refrigerant is introduced.
  • Discharging of fluorocarbon refrigerant gas is illegal under the Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Act 1989 and subject to potential penalties.

People who install, service or decommission air conditioners or refrigerators containing fluorocarbon refrigerant gas (found in most household air cons and fridges) must hold an appropriate licence issued by the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC).

Why? The ARC licence scheme was introduced in 2005 to help minimise emissions of refrigerant gases into the atmosphere that contribute to global warming and damage the ozone layer.

Further information Visit www.lookforthetick.com.au to learn more about running your air conditioner or refrigerator and its relationship to the environment


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