June done!! Uncle Kevvy is back in the big seat with Aunty Julz saying bye-bye to Canberra. Julz’ outgoing speech to the people of Australia was probably the most passionate, exact and natural delivery in her tenure as PM… What could have been.

Back in 1985, June saw the birth of my stunning wife – Thought I would let the entire universe know and say that “I love you more every day and that I am truly blessed to have you and our two little beautiful daughters” Thanks babe – You’re my star xxx

Crazy busy times for the heating and cooling industry. Here at HeatCool, we continue our relentless focus on ensuring the comfort, health and safety of the Australian public (…Are we in fact a modern day super hero of sorts? A super entity? Hmmmm need to explore that…).

Good time to introduce the 17th technician in Melbourne to become a part of the HeatCool family… C’mon down… Roscoe! Ross is a ‘Fridgey’ who eats, breathes and dreams refrigeration solutions. We suspect his lounge room may be in fact similar to a meat locker and with his love of the Showtime series ‘Dexter’… Anyway, we are keeping a wonky eye on him.

Lounge Freezer

Ummm… Is that a bassinette in the foreground? Ross, is that your lounge environment?

June closed – Thaw out during July – It’s your environment.